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Monday, December 19, 2016

One More Christmas Finish

Angels by Country Cottage Needleworks

Happy stitching!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Busy, Busy Week!

It's been a hectic but fun week!  I went caroling with a group 2 afternoons this week with a group from Dow Chemical (current, past employees or friends). This was my first year to do this and was it every fun!  We had a couple of "rehearsals" in the past couple of weeks to prepare.  They took us from nursing home to nursing home in a bus and provided bottled water and Christmas treats for in between stops.  I hope the residents had fun (I think they did.)  I know WE sure had fun!  One of the favorite things was to sing The Twelve Days of Christmas with audience participation.  We had little groups for each "day" holding up a sign and singing when it was our turn.  Some of the groups really "hammed it up".

I'm in 3 groups that are singing for church activities today, choir, faith band, and a female trio and have had multiple rehearsals to prepare.  Our music at church this am went well.  We'll have another event tonight called Cookies and Carols where various musical groups in the church (choir, youth choirs, 2 faith bands, our trio, hand bells, and pianists).  We'll also have group caroling in between the performing groups.  Everyone will bring cookies to share for the evening.  We did this last year and it was a lot of fun.  I'm expecting it to be fun again this year.

By the way, it was 80 degrees yesterday (not very Christmasy weather if you ask this Buckeye) but last night the temp dropped 40 degrees.  Brrr!!  You really feel it when the temperature drops that quickly!  Needless to say, it feels a lot more like Christmas today.  I love it!

A friend hosted a lovely brunch for my walking buddies one day this week.  Her house had been flooded early last summer and she and her DH just got to move back in last month so she was anxious to show us the repair/renovations.  Her contractor did a beautiful job!  I took her a little sled ornament for her tree.

I've made a little progress on the Denmark Santa although I don't think he'll be done for this Christmas:

I'm also working on CCN's Angels:

The little needle minder is by Lizzie Kate.  I made the mistake of reading her recent blog where they talked about the kit that included the design, fabric, and this little needle minder guy...I HAD to have it.  I don't usually buy kids but as soon as it was available, I ordered it.  Isn't he cute?

I haven't baked even one cookie.  DH is in the kitchen now making pizzelles for us to take tonight to church.

  I made some cranberry shortbread cookie dough yesterday that is chilling.  I'll bake it off either tonight or tomorrow.  I plan to also make a Raspberry Ricotta Cake and probably some spritz cookies.  I usually bake a lot more for Christmas but it just hasn't happened this year.  (It's not like we need all that sugar and calories anyway.)

We're looking forward to spending Christmas with our kids and new granddaughter.

Merry Christmas!

Happy stitching!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Merry Wind Farm

Check out this blog with some beautiful samplers...and sign up for a chance to win one of the designs.

Merry Wind Farms

Happy stitching!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Friday, December 9, 2016

Beginning to look and feel like Christmas

We finally have some cold (for SE TX, anyway) weather.  I'm loving it!

We've had some unexpected things that required our attention this week.  Our computer monitor died, then shortly after taking care of that, my food processor died.  I just replaced it this am.  In addition, our cable and internet provider sent us a letter this week saying that they were severing ties with the company that does our email.  After having that email address for 13 years, you can imagine all the accounts that would need to be updated with a new email address!  We decided it was worth it to pay the other company a "nominal fee" to keep that email least for a while.

I pretty much finished what Christmas decorating I'll do for this year.  It's just the 2 of us here this year so I just put up enough to make us feel like it's Christmas.

This afternoon I finished our 2016 ornaments....cute little Santa sled ornaments.  I love them because they're so cute and so easy to make.  (I'm not sure why the grouping is upside down...they aren't in my file on the computer.)

There's nowhere we have to go tonight and I'm glad of it.  We'll enjoy the "soup weather" by having some chili for dinner tonight.

Next week will be very busy but fun.  In addition from meeting my walking buddies in the mornings for our daily walks, I'll be spending 2 afternoons next week caroling with a group that will visit a bunch of nursing homes.  One day will be at brunch at one of my friends' house.  Her house was flooded back in June and she and her DH recently got to move back in after renovations/remodeling.  Then there's music rehearsals to get ready for church activities.

Happy stitching!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

3rd Day of Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe's 12 Days of Christmas Contest

Today's prize is a collection of Christmas floss.  Nancy's floss is gorgeous!

For more info:

3rd Day of Christmas Contest at VMSS

Friday, December 2, 2016

A Small Finish

I'm a member of the Facebook group Candy Cane Stitchers.  The designer Barbara Ana gave the group her design of Silent Night.  I'd had it started since she posted it in 2014 and finally finished it last night.  I love the sweet little reindeer!

It's been a busy week keeping up with my regular activities and adding a few more with Christmas coming up.  I joined a group that will be caroling to area nursing homes.  I was so tired last night and it dawned on me that I've had 4+ vocal rehearsals this week between choir, caroling group,  faith band, and rehearsing with a friend with whom I'll be singing a duet this Sunday at church.  (We just found out about it Wednesday after choir practice and sight read it for the first time then.)  I'm not complaining because I love to sing and I'm enjoying it so much.

After finishing Silent Night last night, I picked up the Denmark Santa wip.  I'm hoping to finish it this year...but I want to make a few of those sled ornaments and perhaps stitch a small stocking for our grandbaby.

We're playing cards with a group tonight so instead of preparing dinner, I'll prepare a snack to take and share.

We're hoping to finish putting up the Christmas decorations this weekend.  I think we're actually ahead of where we usually are in that department this year.

If only I didn't require sleep this time of the year!

Happy stitching!

Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe's 12 Days of Christmas Contests

Nancy at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe is hosting her 12 Days of Christmas contest.  Each day there will be a contest for something she reveals on that day.

I'm a little late to the started yesterday.

For more info : Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe

Good luck!

Happy stitching!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

It's been such a busy year that the time is just flying by!  I can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving already!

We're having a small family group this year (3 of us) but we're all getting together for Christmas, including our son who lived in Denmark for 3 years.  He moved back "home" (the continental US) last month.  After I finish writing this post, I have to get busy on making pies, cranberry sauce, etc.

Speaking of busy, we met a group of friends and went to Galveston for a Segway (historical) tour of the island.  It was my first time on a Segway and made me into a liar.  (I'd previously seen those things and said I'd never ever be caught on one.)  At the risk of sounding like a dork, it was a lot more fun than I thought it would be.  Maybe because I was enjoying being with our friends?  Before we started, we had a short lesson in how to operate the Segways which included info about what happens when you hit top speed....all of 12.5 mph.  Of course, I had to try that out.  lol!

  Our tour guide was great!  He was very informative and obviously very interested in the subject matter.  One of the favorite stories he told was about a house where the original owner wanted himself, his wife, and his daughter interred in a special room in the house.  He was but the house was sold before the demise of his wife and daughter.  Unfortunately because of zoning restrictions, they couldn't make an opening big enough in the house to remove him for burial whenever the house is sold, the owners have to disclose that the buyer is getting the house AND the original owner.

 The next day I flew "back home" to Ohio to visit with my parents and attend Camp Gottastitch with a friend.  I enjoyed the whole trip.  My parents and I went to all the hot spots of my small home town so it felt like I was a tourist.  I can't even remember the last time just I visited them and that was really nice too.  When I first walked into their house, it felt like that commercial where the grandchildren are visiting their grandparents who greet them with a handful of devices and saying "Welcome!  None of this stuff works!"  I updated their new phone/new SIM card (which turned out to be a comedy of errors because they got mixed up which was the old phone and which was the new phone) and their iPad.  Then I recharged everything for them.  The funny thing is that they hardly use either device.

If you only knew how technically illiterate I am, you'd be laughing at my being their tech guru.

I'm most homesick in the fall (down here in Gulf Coast, Texas we don't get the beautiful fall foliage...and this year it's been unseasonable warm here).  The drive from my parents' house to my friend's house and then the drive from her house to Amish country in OH (Berlin was where we stayed) was gorgeous!  I decided I must try to visit "home" in the fall more often so I can experience my kind of fall.  It even snowed while we were in Berlin!  (For some reason, I was a lot more excited to see snow than all the other women Midwesterners.)

Stitch camp was so much fun!  I was already acquainted with a few of the women who were there and made friends with many more crazy wonderful women.  There were 38 of us plus 4 owners and workers from Cross My Heart, the LNS that held the camp.  What a great and fun group!  We had a well-lit room where we stitched (and snacked) and there was a little mini "store" for more stash enhancement.  (They "had" me with some new Elizabeth's Designs.)  Lots of activities and prizes!  We walked down the hill from our hotel for dinner Saturday night and I thought I was going to burst after all that food. (Did I mention the cinnamon rolls at the hotel breakfast?  They were from a local Amish bakery and were to die for!)

I won a prize for coming the furthest to camp.  (Take THAT, Miss Chicago!  😃😃😃)

I took along an old wip of Bent Creek's Snowbuds (I've been trying to seriously work through my wip pile recently) and started a new sampler...Pink Sparrow by With Thy Needle and Thread.

This was my first time to be able to go to this camp and definitely won't be my last time.

Happy Thanksgiving and....

Happy Stitching!

Friday, November 4, 2016

A Small Finish and a WIP

I was able to stitch my November Christmas ornament for the Christmas ornament stitch-along.  It's Winter Forest by Little House Needleworks.

Next I started a Denmark Santa by Heartstrings.  I think I've had this kitted up back when our son moved to Denmark 3 years ago.  I decided that this is the year to finally stitch it for him since he just moved back to the US from there.  I have no idea why I kept putting it off.  It's actually going to be a little big for an ornament so I may to a stand-up finish instead.  We'll see.

We're already enjoying our new deck.  A friend came over to stitch with me yesterday and we took a break by having a piece of apple pie while sitting on the deck.  I'd like to put a table and chairs out there when I have time to start looking for what I want.  It's the same lake it's always been but somehow it seems nicer out there on the deck.  I'm sure it will be even nicer when we put some nicer furniture out there...and maybe a potted plant or two or more.  (We have entertainment now too watching the new home can see it on the upper right part of the pic below.)

For the second time in this past couple of weeks we were asked advice about employer health plans for 2 of our kids.  One is our son who just moved back to the US from Denmark and the other is our "baby" who graduates college next spring.  He already has a job waiting for him after graduation.  What a great feeling!!!

I just received another new model stitch "job" so I'll be working on it now.  Cute design!

Happy stitching!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A Thanksgiving Themed Giveaway at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe

Nancy's hosting another generous giveaway through her blog.  Read all about it here:

Thanksgiving Giveaway at VMSS

Friday, October 28, 2016

Sugar Skull, Root Canal, Deck construction, Stitching Friend

I finally had my root canal done Monday morning and it went fine.  I just have to have my dentist replace a temporary filling in the crown with a permanent one next week to put this whole episode behind me.

I'm trying to get a little ahead on my Nov. sal's (since I'll be doing some traveling again soon) and I stitched a Sugar Skull for the Halloween ornament blog sal theme of bones/skeletons.  This is from the 2015 JCS Halloween special issue...and was a pretty quick, enjoyable stitch.  I'd seen so many people stitch sugar skulls that I needed to get into the act.

As much as we need 2 bathrooms updated, DH (and our neighbor friend) really wanted us to build a deck by the lake so we're building a deck.  (I secured a promise from DH that we won't put off the bathrooms too much longer.)  The guys are also replacing a fence along a pato/garden area.  The deck is nothing fancy but it will make that area a lot more usable than it was before.  They had to tear down a small portion of the fence but our neighbor already has plans to put a gate there. (We need the fence to keep the dog in our yard but we've been talking with our neighbors for a while that we need a gate too so it's easier for us to go back and forth between our yards.)  His wife is a "junker" and she's found and repainted a chaise lounge for us to use on the new deck.  They're really good neighbors.  Even I am excited about the deck now...I'll be even more excited when the bathrooms are redone.  ;-)

Before, we just had a concrete sidewalk along the bulkhead:

Here's what's going on this week:

If you look in the top left corner of the last picture, you can see a bit of the fence that needs replacing.  We found out it wasn't even build to code, so in addition to being nicer, it will be up to code and safer.

We opted to keep the little pier where it was at least for now.  We'll also install a pool ladder so it will be easier for swimmers to get out of the water.  Our neighbors (the ones referenced above) have a 3 tiered deck and we're working on the neighbor on the other side to get his done too.  (He's all for it!)  I suggested that we have a progressive lake party sometime going from deck to deck for food, fun, etc.  Several of us have small boats so we could also make it a "regatta".  We may just do it sometime!

I have a friend who's been joining me weekly for lunch and stitching.  Instead of going out for lunch, she brought lunch over here yesterday.  I think I've created a "monster" as she's becoming addicted now.  We had a good time chatting, stitching, and watching the guys work yesterday afternoon.

I think next up on the stitching front is a Christmas ornament (for Nov. for the ornament blog) and then maybe after that a Denmark ornament for my son (who just moved from there back to the US).

Happy stitching!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Another Giveaway at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe

Santa Nancy is at it again.  Read below for details:

Giveaway at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe

Good luck and....

Happy Stitching!

Christmas Fruit Basket and Collage Football and Movie

Since finishing Jane, I decided to dig out a few older wips to finish before starting something new.  Here's Christmas Fruit Basket by Threadwork Primitives.  I haven't decided on a finish finish.  I think it would look great framed or I can "see" it finished as a pillow with ball fringe.  (Too bad I'm finishing impaired.)

I'm not sure what I'll pick up next.  I should probably work on Christmas ornaments but I'd also like to start a new sampler.  We'll see!

It was a sad day for college football in this household with both University of Texas and A+M going down in defeat.  I thought that at least I could count on my Buckeyes to win but, alas!..they lost too.  I guess there's always next week.

We went to see the movie The Accountant yesterday.  Yes, there's a lot of violence but there's also another underlying story (aside from the main plot) that made it interesting.  I was able to figure out a couple of surprises at the end which always makes me feel smug.

I go in just a bit for my root canal.  I'll be glad to get it behind me.

Happy stitching!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Jane Plews Sampler Finished....but wait-there's more!


After spending several months and even traveling with Jane, she's finally finished!  I haven't washed/pressed her yet.  She and I have one more trip together so I can show her off "in person" to some other stitchers.  Then I hope to get her prepared and framed.

After I finished Jane, I picked up an almost finished wip of Hinzeit's Harvest Time and now it's finished too.  (I wasn't sure I'd like doing the satin stitches in the basket but they were easy...and I think add an interesting "look" to the basket.)

I finished a couple of small pieces for some ornament sal blogs too.  The first is LHN's Under the Tree.  (I left off the bottom date "band" to make it a smaller ornament.)

The other is a PS design from the Boo to You leaflet.

I picked up another old wip of some Bent Creek snowmen (I forget the name of the design.) that I hope to finish soon and then will start something new.  I'd like to work through some of these wips;  it's embarrassing how many I have.  I'll bet fellow stitchers can say the same.

On the family front, our son who's been living in Denmark the past few years while doing a post doc fellowship just flew back to the US yesterday to start a new job.  We're so glad to have him "home" (Continental US) even though he'll still be living a plane ride away from us.  We're hoping the whole family can be together for Christmas this year.

Happy stitching!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Halloween Giveawy at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe

Nancy, aka the Floss Fairy, is hosting a Halloween giveaway for some of her gorgeous floss and other goodies.

Find out more here:

Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe Halloween Giveaway

Good luck and.....

Happy stitching!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Home Stretch

I'm reaching the end of stitching on Jane Plews sampler.  Hopefully next week I can show a finish picture.

Happy stitching!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Jane Plews progress

It's been a crazy week but I managed to make some progress on Jane Plews.  What's small happy dance worthy is the fact that the border's always a happy thing when that happens.

As for the crazy....our refrigerator died last week so we had to hurry up and replace it.  (Luckily we have a spare one so we didn't lose a lot of food.)  I was a little nervous about it fitting in the allotted spot despite careful measuring (the insulation is thicker in refrigerators these days so they're a little wider and taller than older models) and I was concerned about how they'd get it into the house because it's wider than one of the doors.

DH also had been looking to replace his gas grill and we ended up buying it at the other big box store that starts with a L and not the big box store where we bought the refrigerator.  (That one didn't carry the brand/one he wanted.)  There was a $40 (!) delivery fee which we weren't going to pay for a grill but the guy assured us that it would fit in our minivan (after we carefully measured.) bc you could "flip up" the table part.  Someone was supposed to meet us at the front of the store to help us load it up.  Over 30 minutes in the Texas heat (and peaking levels of ragweed) without anyone showing up, my husband went inside to ask for help again.  The woman who came out clearly was useless in helping us and we found out that you most certainly can NOT "flip up" the table part...even with a screwdriver.  DH was livid and I was close to it...saying they should comp us the delivery fee after this guy over-promised.  At least the woman was able to make that happen and also promised that "they'd" repair the screw that stripped and put another missing one in there before delivery.  We'd be given a mutually acceptable delivery window.  That didn't happen....we received a taped call assigning our window to Sunday am (!) between 9-11...when both of us had church obligations (singing, teaching Sunday School, and ushering).  We ended up playing "tag team" so one of us would be home for the delivery.  It finally arrived....and they did NOT replace the missing screws.

After that, I was really nervous about how the refrigerator delivery from HD would go.  It could not have gone smoother!!!  The guys arrived when they were supposed to (and at my convenience), we figured out that they could go through the French doors in the back without having to take the doors off the fridge, they connected the water, took off all the plastic, cleaned up after themselves, were very polite, and asked if there was anything else we needed them to do before they left.

On to the next bit of craziness...I mentioned earlier how I was sent to the dental school (in the big city) for a specialized scan to aid in the diagnosis.  It's been about 3 weeks and the report still hasn't been send to my local endodontist.  He's even frustrated because they're putting him off (and he's even on staff up there).  After they promised to email the report last Monday and failed to do so by Wednesday, they asked me to try to contact the dental school directly (thinking if they won't respond to him, maybe they'll respond to the patient).  Not so much!  I was on the phone a good deal of the day yesterday trying to get someone to answer these questions:  1.  What is the normal time between having the scan done and the report being sent to the referring dentist?  2.  Why is my report taking so long and when can I expect my dentist to receive it?  I know my way around the medical field (and my DH knows his way around imaging and docs who read images) and we both have a pretty good idea of Question #1.  Two people I spoke to (who both schedule the images and transmit the reports) claim not to know the answer to #1.  (I DON'T BELIEVE THEM!)  They claim they don't have any idea of when the report will be sent either.  Bull#@#$!  I believed this to be insufficient so I kept calling phone numbers and looking on the website for a patient advocate (couldn't find one) thinking there's got to be somebody in that facility who cares to answer my questions and get to the bottom of where the report is.  I continued today and started getting the same non responses until  while talking to another "I don't know...and, in reality "I don't care" person, I asked for contact information for a patient advocate.  She wasn't too pleased but had to give me the contact info.  FINALLY I found someone who was interested in all that went wrong, agrees with me that they should have been able to easily answer both questions and assures me that something will be done about the matter.   (I was firm and as friendly as I could be but I shared with her that I was so frustrated with their lack of even caring to help me that I'd already printed out a complaint form from the state dental board that I'd have filled out if not for her seeming to care.  Also I'd shared with her that I worked in the health field and I knew this was not how things were supposed to go.  I reminded at least a couple of people I spoke with about the patient's rights posted on their webpage that they clearly violated. We'll see!

I'm hoping I made enough "noise" to build a fire under the appropriate people and hope to hear the results from my local endodontist early next week....a full month after the scan.  (In reality, it should have taken 2-3 days max to get the report back.)

Wow!  That was a lot and I'd be surprised if anyone reads through all that.  lol!

Hopefully next post will contain a lot less drama.

Happy stitching!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe Contest

Nancy, aka the Floss Fairy, at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe is hosting a giveaway of a boxed set of some of her gorgeous floss.

Hop on over to her blog to enter:

Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe Contest

Good luck and....

Happy Stitching!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Cookies For Santa and Harvest Time

Despite the calendar saying that fall has arrived, it's still very hot down here in SE TX.  I really look forward to some cooler temperatures!

For my stitching this week, I finished an ornament by Lizzie Kate called Cookies for Santa.  I subbed out a couple of the floss colors that I didn't have in my stash and also used a button I already had.  This was stitched for a Christmas ornament sal with the theme of Christmas food.

After finishing that one, I got back to my Hinzeit Harvet Time.  I hope to finish it up soon.

It looks like I may be headed for a root canal.  I was at the dentist Monday who sent me to see the endodontist.  My symptoms and a simple X-ray doesn't confirm it, so the endodontist sent me up to the "big city" for a CT scan.  I'm still waiting on the results and hope to get this taken care of asap.  Luckily, I'm not experiencing pain...yet.

Happy stitching!

Friday, September 16, 2016

College Football and Fall Stitching

I love watching college football, especially my Ohio State Buckeyes.  For the last few years we've been lucky to get to go to the stadium with friends to watch University of Texas from the 50 yard line.  So much  fun!!  Last Saturday was one of those lucky days.

We spent the night after the game and had lunch with two of our sons who live in Austin.  Next door to the restaurant where we ate lunch was a Greek place so we splurged on some baklava and Turkish coffee.  Yum!

I put aside my sampler for a bit because I'm in the mood for some fall stitching.  I'd kitted up Hinzeit's Harvest Time so have been stitching on it lately.

This weekend, we'll hang around at home.  They're actually televising the Ohio State game in our "market" so we'll get to watch them play.  GO BUCKS!!!!!

Happy stitching!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Jane Plews and Snowmen

I'm feeling much better but still recovering from the mother of all colds.  Now that I've rejoined human society, I've learned that this particular strain is "going around" and others have even gotten checked out for pneumonia with the same symptoms I had.    (It's not pneumonia just mimics some of the symptoms.)'s good to be feeling almost normal again.

I made some more progress on Jane:

Then I took a little break from her to stitch these cute, little guys to be mounted on sled ornaments:

I also barely started  fall Hinzeit piece...not even enough stitching to justify a picture yet.

Happy stitching!

Friday, September 2, 2016

Jane Plews Progress

I was stitching along a good bit last weekend when I discovered I had stitched the boat motif in the wrong place.  (A design that has pages to it sometimes confuses me if I'm not paying enough attention.)  So...I had spent a good bit of time with the frog on Sunday.

That's behind me now and I've once again stitched the boat...this time in the right place.  I've "rounded the corner" on the left side which makes me feel good.

I came down with a "stupid cold" this week.  I've been whining mostly to myself but, despite feeling pretty miserable, it's only a cold.  I'm very lucky that it didn't hit me while I was doing all my traveling.

Here's my progress this week on Jane.

Happy stitching!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Some Finishes

I took advantage of being home (and it being too hot here to do much outside) to catch up on some SAL projects (and a wip).

First off is an ugly Christmas sweater (Pinoy Stitch) that I stitched for a Christmas ornament sal blog:

Next up is Trick or Treat by Plum Pudding NeedleArt for a Halloween ornament sal blog:

I ran across an almost finished Halloween wip and finished La D Da's Wicked Witch (sorry for the crooked picture):

I'll get back to working on Jane Plews sampler for a while now that I have a few finishes under my belt.

Happy stitching!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Back Home Again

I returned Monday evening from my last (scheduled) trip of the summer, visiting with my daughter and son-in-law, and my granddaughter and helping out with day care until her real day care slot opened up.  While it was nice to be home again, it was hard to leave them...and to realize that's the last of my scheduled trips for a while.  (Since mid-March, I've gone to California 4 times, OH once, and to HI.)

  We took some nice walks and hiked up a hill/mountain (3.7 miles), and went to a tidal pool while I was there.  (I walk every day here at home but it's so flat that vertical hiking is always a challenge for me.  I made it up the hill better than expected though.)  I made a point to walk their street (hilly) on the days we didn't do other walking/hiking.

We tried on shoes one day (She has more shoes than Grandma!) and she tried on one of my DD's baby dresses.

While I was there, my youngest son flew in for a weekend.  He was the last uncle to meet the baby.  He also made 2 pans of homemade lasagna with my daughter.  (I hand grated a couple pounds of cheese.)  Yum!

A nice bonus for me was to enjoy the cooler, drier air in the SF Bay area.  Back home in Gulf Coast Texas, there were heat advisories just about every day I was away.

I took my stitching with me but only had the time (and energy!) to stitch a very little bit.

But...since I've been home I made some progress on my Jane Plews sampler.  It's a rainy day here today so, since I ran my errands, made a couple of doctor appts,  and got caught up on the bills/mail, I'm going to sit and work on her some more.

Happy stitching!