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Friday, September 8, 2017

Unwelcome Visitor

I'm sorry I haven't posted an update until now.  Things have been a little crazy around here since Harvey impacted Houston and our city.  I'm sure you've all seen the heartbreaking videos and pictures from Houston.  We didn't have strong winds (tropical storm force winds) here from the storm but were waiting for much of that water from Houston to flow to our area in the rivers/bayous/creeks which happened as Houston started to drain.

First of all, we feel very blessed!  Our lake level is high and is covering our dock and new deck but our house was never in danger.  We lost power a couple of times during the storm but the longest we were without power was 45 minutes.

Before the flooding arrived:

After flooding arrived:

                                                       Fish swimming over deck:

I wish that everyone here had the same luck as we did.  Unfortunately I know many people whose houses flooded and others who were either under voluntary evacuations (streets flooded so they couldn't get in or out of their neighborhoods) or mandatory evacuations (their homes were at high risk of flooding and some did).

I could fill this up with picture after picture.  It's so sad!  Many of the people flooded were also flooded last year during a "100 Year Flood Event" and had just been able to move back into their homes late last year.

The silver linings are that there were no deaths or serious injuries in our county from the flooding/rescues/etc. and it's been very heartwarming to see neighbor helping neighbor, stranger helping stranger, etc.  Our city and county authorities have been great preparing for the storm/flooding, pumping out some of the water to prevent even more homes from flooding, and regular communication/updates to residents.

I was able to take some food over to a nearby shelter at a church and was privileged to get to help do laundry for some National Guard members who are here helping  our community.  A local laundry is letting people in shelters and the first responders do their laundry there for free (they're even providing the detergent/fabric softener sheets and even doing some of the laundry for them). 

The recovery will be long but I know our community is strong and will get through this together.

Now we're watching the news about Hurricane Irma...and praying for everyone's safety.

My stitching has brought me comfort.  I've been working on another model but also stitched on BBD's In Full Glory:

I've also started LHN's Autumn Band Sampler for a sal with the LHN/CCN FB group.  I stitched the model for this one and this fall sal is a great excuse to finally stitch it again to keep.

Finally I stitched some reins on DGD's stocking, Bent Creek's Christmas Eve stocking.  Reins weren't charted but I wanted to add some.  I've mailed the stocking out to Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher, for finishing.  I can't wait to see what she does with it.  She's so talented!

Happy stitching!