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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Jane Plews Sampler Finished....but wait-there's more!


After spending several months and even traveling with Jane, she's finally finished!  I haven't washed/pressed her yet.  She and I have one more trip together so I can show her off "in person" to some other stitchers.  Then I hope to get her prepared and framed.

After I finished Jane, I picked up an almost finished wip of Hinzeit's Harvest Time and now it's finished too.  (I wasn't sure I'd like doing the satin stitches in the basket but they were easy...and I think add an interesting "look" to the basket.)

I finished a couple of small pieces for some ornament sal blogs too.  The first is LHN's Under the Tree.  (I left off the bottom date "band" to make it a smaller ornament.)

The other is a PS design from the Boo to You leaflet.

I picked up another old wip of some Bent Creek snowmen (I forget the name of the design.) that I hope to finish soon and then will start something new.  I'd like to work through some of these wips;  it's embarrassing how many I have.  I'll bet fellow stitchers can say the same.

On the family front, our son who's been living in Denmark the past few years while doing a post doc fellowship just flew back to the US yesterday to start a new job.  We're so glad to have him "home" (Continental US) even though he'll still be living a plane ride away from us.  We're hoping the whole family can be together for Christmas this year.

Happy stitching!


Laura said...

Your stitching is just beautiful!! And I am very happy your son is home :)

Von said...

Jane P. is beautiful! Congrats on a wonderful finish - and on having your son on the same continent as you. :D

Melinda Forbes said...

So Happy your Son is back "Home". You were able to do a lot of stitching, Love your Ornament. Rag Dolls are my favorite.

Anna van Schurman said...

Quite a lot of finishes. Your Jane Plews sampler is amazing!

Pam Tanner said...

I love Jane! Such bright happy colors!