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Monday, October 24, 2016

Christmas Fruit Basket and Collage Football and Movie

Since finishing Jane, I decided to dig out a few older wips to finish before starting something new.  Here's Christmas Fruit Basket by Threadwork Primitives.  I haven't decided on a finish finish.  I think it would look great framed or I can "see" it finished as a pillow with ball fringe.  (Too bad I'm finishing impaired.)

I'm not sure what I'll pick up next.  I should probably work on Christmas ornaments but I'd also like to start a new sampler.  We'll see!

It was a sad day for college football in this household with both University of Texas and A+M going down in defeat.  I thought that at least I could count on my Buckeyes to win but, alas!..they lost too.  I guess there's always next week.

We went to see the movie The Accountant yesterday.  Yes, there's a lot of violence but there's also another underlying story (aside from the main plot) that made it interesting.  I was able to figure out a couple of surprises at the end which always makes me feel smug.

I go in just a bit for my root canal.  I'll be glad to get it behind me.

Happy stitching!

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Von said...

I'm finishing impaired myself, so I sympathize!!