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Friday, March 22, 2013

Progress on A Right Spirit

I'm moving along on this piece and enjoying it.  I'm hoping to frame this one without too much "ripening" time after it's finished.

I received another LHN model to stitch so it will be taking priority until it's finished.  It looks to be another great design.  I'm afraid I'm destined to stitch it twice bc I love it already.

Speaking of models, Nikki at CCN released I design I stitched for her.  Very cute!  I love the little birdies.

You can see it here:

Singin' in the Spring

Last night was DS's last percussion contest.  It's beginning to really hit me just how soon he'll be graduating.  Here he was with his fellow percussion seniors (and a few that dropped band) when they first started band:

Seems like it was just yesterday.  Sigh.............................

Here they are now:

Today is DH's birthday.  He never wants anything but I'll drive up to near Houston to have lunch with him.  I'll stop off at a plant nursery on the way home.  May pick up a key lime tree to plant and we'll call it his gift. ;-)  He much prefers pies over cakes, so I'll bake an apple pie for him to have after we grill some steaks for dinner.  We're so exciting in our old age!  We find lately that we enjoy the simple pleasures.

Speaking of food, I tried a recipe I found on the internet for Pecan Pie muffins.  They were pretty tasty.  I really liked that they weren't overly sweet.

Until next time.....  Happy Stitching!


Monday, March 18, 2013

Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Break week

We've been enjoying a laid back spring break and having our college son here with us.  I've been doing a little more cooking and some baking since he's been home and since we have been doing less running around than usual.

Last night we celebrated St. Pat's Day for dinner last night since DS is leaving for Austin today.  I made corned beef with baby carrots and red onions and some colcannon (a concoction with mashed potatoes, cooked cabbage, green onions, and seasoned with butter, salt, and pepper).  I'd been wanting to try baking apple pies inside hollowed out apples so DS and I made them yesterday.  They're cute and tasted good but more work than I'd have thought just trying to scoop out all the apples.  We both thought making mini pies in muffin tins would be just as cute and probably a little easier to do.

The weather has been gorgeous this week and we've been taking some walks too.

On the stitching front, I finished a cute model for Diane at LHN and she received it yesterday.  (It always feels good to know a model has arrived safely.)  Since then I've been working on La D Da's "Right Spirit".  As you can see, I've changed the cabin originally charted to a saltbox house.  I admired how my friend, Sherre, did this and used her idea.  I'll have another model coming next week.  I sure enjoy model stitching for both Diane and Nikki.  I love their designs!

I finally finished reading Atlas Shrugged.  I really enjoyed reading it but it's a long book and I started it during marching band season.  I'm not sure what I'll read next.  I have the Steve Jobs bio but it's another long one...I'm thinking an "escape" fiction might be just the ticket.  Something less than 1000 pages.

Then I tried making another "books" page on my blog and ended up erasing the ones I already had posted.  Obviously I'm not a computer geek.  Rats!

It occurs to me that I've forgotten for a long time to do labels on my blog posts.

 I'm probably lucky to just remember how to do blog posts.  lol!

Happy stitching!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Contest on another blog

Great contest can be found on this blog:

To Stitch or Not to Stitch

Happy stitching!


Saturday, March 2, 2013

March already!

Wow!  Feb sure flew by quickly!

Not quite so busy around here for me anyway.  DH is on a business trip, T is busy with his activities, and we have some good leftovers so I haven't even had to cook much this week.  We've had a few days of cooler weather so that big pot of soup I made is sure tasting good.  I've enjoyed my am walks during the cooler weather too.

On the stitching front this week, I finished LHN's Liberty and Justice for a block exchange:

I started La D Da's Right Spirit and am making a couple of changes inspired by my friend, Sherre.  I changed the cabin to a saltbox house (same colors and same stitch count of the original design).  I just didn't care for the "cabin" on the original as much as the house.  I'll also stitch Psalm 51:10 as charted out by Sherre's DD.  I look forward to making more progress on this one.

I haven't worked on the snowmen this week but here's the progress so far:

Finally, I started another model this week so it will have to take priority and, of course, I can't show it until it's released.

As I said above not much cooking going on around here this week but DH and I went out last weekend to Johnny Carino's.  I love their Angel Hair and Artichokes and thought maybe I could figure out how to make it at home.  Thanks to a google search, I found a couple of recipes online so I'll be trying it out soon.

Happy stitching!