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Friday, July 15, 2016

My Hawaii Adventure

My brother and sister and their families live in HI and we've been there to visit a couple of times.  Earlier this year my sister offered to fly me out there if I'd help her out with some day care so she wouldn't have to enroll her kids in camps and classes all summer.  What a sacrifice for me!  ;-)  I just got back yesterday from almost 3 weeks there.  When I was "off the clock" I got to:

 Go horseback riding which was fun until I fell off from a poor attempt at a triple flip dismount.  (In reality, the cinch wasn't tight enough and the saddle slid sideways while we were trotting/galloping but my story sounds a whole lot better.)  One good thing about falling off the horse is that I was so sore in other places that I didn't feel the saddle soreness  I most likely had.

Go kayaking for the first time.  We saw turtles in beautiful Kaneohe Bay.

Go sailing 3 times on my brother's sailboat.  His yacht club has a race every Thursday evening and I got to ride during one of the races.  The night before my return home we took another more leisurely ride and he taught me a little about "crewing".

Go walking on some beautiful beaches.

Go swimming.

Go hiking.

...and for an unexpected highlight of the trip, a friend of one of my sons took my BIL and me on a ride on a Cessna (my first time on a small plane) up the coast of Oahu and down through the center of the island.  I was happy that I'd been to some of the landmarks we flew over so that I could ID them myself.  We also flew near both my sister's and brother's houses.

I did very little stitching but I taught my 11 yo niece how to stitch.

We all had such a great time that we're already talking about doing this again next year...minus falling off the horse, I hope.

Now that I'm home I'll start stitching a new model today.  I loved it the minute the graph arrived.

Aloha and Happy stitching!