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Friday, September 23, 2016

Cookies For Santa and Harvest Time

Despite the calendar saying that fall has arrived, it's still very hot down here in SE TX.  I really look forward to some cooler temperatures!

For my stitching this week, I finished an ornament by Lizzie Kate called Cookies for Santa.  I subbed out a couple of the floss colors that I didn't have in my stash and also used a button I already had.  This was stitched for a Christmas ornament sal with the theme of Christmas food.

After finishing that one, I got back to my Hinzeit Harvet Time.  I hope to finish it up soon.

It looks like I may be headed for a root canal.  I was at the dentist Monday who sent me to see the endodontist.  My symptoms and a simple X-ray doesn't confirm it, so the endodontist sent me up to the "big city" for a CT scan.  I'm still waiting on the results and hope to get this taken care of asap.  Luckily, I'm not experiencing pain...yet.

Happy stitching!


Renee H said...

Both projects are looking great Rita!!! Fingers crossed you don't need a root canal!!

Mii Stitch said...

Love the sweet LK finish :)

Von said...

Your stitching projects are very sweet!
Good luck with the CT; I hope there is no need for the root canal!

Melinda Forbes said...

I love your Fall Completed projects pictures across the top of your blog the one in the middle - I know I had that in a Magazine from long ago and it brought back good memories.

Rita said...

Thank you!

Melinda, the one you mention was from one of the Leisure Arts publications. They had a series of the 4 seasons. This is the only one I completed.