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Friday, December 21, 2012

Santa's finished in the "Nick" of time

Ta da!!  Here he is!  I'm really enjoying stitching the PS Woodland Santas and probably will try to stitch the remaining 2 from that leaflet in 2013.  I saw 2 of these stitched and hanging on a friend's wall and that's all it took.  I know you fellow stitchers can identify.  Sorry it's not the greatest of pictures.

Now I'm turning to working on a sal I'm in of the LK 6 Fat Guys and the Snow Belles.  I'm a bit behind on this one but hopefully can catch up.  A wonderful thing about sal's is that they keep me going so I can be "accountable".

I hope to start on a gorgeous sampler, Three Things, in January.

I hope all of you who celebrated Christmas has a wonderful and blessed Christmas and for everyone to have a happy new year.

Happy stitching!


Friday, December 14, 2012

It's Snowing!

Well, not really snowing here in SE Texas, but I'm stitching the snow in my PS Woodland Santa wip.  I've never "met" a PS Santa that I haven't liked.

I also FINALLY started my LK Fat Guys and Snow Belles sal.  Not much done but at least it's started.

I received the cutest ornament in the mail this week from a small ornament exchange. (Remember what I just wrote about PS Santas.)  Thank you, Julie!  I love it!

I hope everyone is doing well and not too frazzled getting ready for the Big Day.  Have a great week!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Progress and a couple of finishes

We've been having warmer than normal weather down here in SE TX...sometimes in the low 80's.  This girl from OH does NOT like this and wants it to cool down.  Harrumph!

I've made a bit of progress on the PS (Woodland) Santa.  I love how this piece is turning out. I've never met a Prairie Schooler Santa I didn't like.

I also, despite not feeling confident about it, "finished" 2 pieces.  The first is a Lizzie Kate for my DD who enjoys long distance bicycling.  She doesn't have much space in her city apartment so I thought this could be used hanging from a doorknob or cabinet pull.  I was trying to simulate handlebar streamers with the ribbons hanging from the bottom.  DD wore her hair long (and often in pony tails) when she was young so this reminded me of her.

I also participated in a small ornament exchange and since it was received yesterday, I can show it.

The pic I took:

....and on her tree:

I also finally cut my fabric for the LK Snow Friends sal.  Everyone else started stitching last month.  Hopefully I can get caught up.

I have some Christmas errands to catch up on today.  Hopefully I can get a lot done.

Everyone have a great week!!

Happy stitching!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

December already!

Happy December!

I finally have some stitching I can show.

Nikki at Country Cottage Needleworks released one of her designs that I model stitched, Silent Night.
I could tell just looking at the graph that this one was going to be a beautiful one and I enjoyed every minute of stitching it.  Good thing because I want to stitch another one for myself.    Here's her picture of it:

...and here's her website:

Country Cottage Needleworks

I've also been working on an ornament for an exchange but can't show that just yet.

I love stitching seasonal things during the appropriate season so have been working on one of the PS Woodland Santas:

I stitched another from this leaflet earlier this year:

I'd like to stitch at all of them and hang them in a grouping during the Christmas season......eventually.  (I wonder how long that will take me with my "stitcher's ADD".)

Gotta go.....I have several things on my "to do" list today so I'd better get started.

Happy stitching!