I only stitch on days that end in "y".

Monday, June 28, 2010


I've been stitching away trying to finish this one so I can start another.

Here's CCN's Liberty Lane with some color changes (with a little help from my friends who are more experienced at changing colors).

Next start is Bygone Stitches' One Nation.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another small finish and link to another blog's giveaway

I finally decided on a fish to stitch for the Bridestree ornament sal blog. It's a freebie from the xstitchhappy blog. We had a koi pond at our last house so I thought this was appropriate for me to stitch for this theme.

Also, there's a giveaway at the following blog; last day to enter is tomorrow. It looks like a great giveaway package if you're into crazy quilting/ribbon embroidery:

Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday stitching update

I'm really enjoying stitching CCN's Liberty Lane...esp. since I'm using deeper colors.

The finish of each little house feels like a "finish". I'm hoping to finish the whole piece soon because I'd like to get back to the sampler and want to start One Nation by ByGone Stitches.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blogging help?

As you can see, I've been playing around with my blog picture. I can't figure out why it's so huge, even after looking for stuff on the help section.

Is it the picture size itself or some mysterious setting on the blog?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Finally framed!

I finally took this sampler to be framed and picked it up yesterday. It's only been languishing in my pile of finishes since the 1980's. Yes, you read that right. lol!

My framers did a beautiful job and I have a place on my BR wall for it to hang.

I'm still working on CCN's Patriotic Row. It's been coming right along and is a joy to stitch. I hope to finish it up soon.

Friday, June 11, 2010

My stitching week in review

I've been working mostly on CCN's Liberty Lane this week. Thanks to help from my friends, Renee and Sherre, I've deepened the colors in the design. (I changed my mind on the greens after I stithced those little bits on the right side...I'll be frogging that out and replacing it.) It seems to be moving along despite it being a busy week (for some's out--I thought that meant I would be LESS busy!).

I had a great stitchy mail day yesterday. I'd bought some used charts from other stitchers' for sale albums and a bunch of them arrived yesterday along with my JCS and Cross Country stitching magazines. If that wasn't enough, the sampler I ordred from The Attic while we were in AZ in March arrived. It's Three Things by Moira Blackburn.

I've already got a wip of a bap sampler, Village Square (I'm probably not getting the name just right from memory).

I also started today a summer themed block for a block sal for one of my online stitching groups.

Someone please help me find time to stitch all this stuff! lol! At least I won't be bored.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Another small finish

I put in the last stitches and button on Little House Needleworks' Winter Sheep ornament last night. I really like this design.

I'm also still plugging along an my bap sampler; it's slow going b/c I've been so busy lately. I also want to start CCN's Liberty Lane and One Nation by ByGone Stitches. I have quite a case of startitis.