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Friday, October 25, 2013

Woodland Santas, one finished and another one started

I finished my 3rd piece from the PS leaflet Woodland Santas:

...and started the 4th (and last) one:

I guess the "headless Santa" is ok since it's so close to Halloween but I'm hoping to stitch in his head soon.

We're enjoying having our DS here.  He'll get to see his brothers this weekend.

Last year I was gifted with a GC for a one hour Swedish massage.  At first I was too busy to schedule it, then I kept putting it off, thinking it would be over once I used it.  Just looking at the GC was enjoyable, knowing how great it would be when I finally used it.  I finally used it yesterday afternoon.  It just so happens my neck/shoulders have been bothering me lately and it helped a lot.  The only bad that after having my first one, I'll want to go back...on a regular basis.  lol!

Happy stitching!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday again!

Well,  2 of our sons have been here and returned to Austin.  Their older brother arrived in the wee am hours Wednesday am.  He brought the rest of his worldly possessions here after selling off or giving away his furniture, bike, etc.  He won't be taking much with him when he moves to Denmark bc it doesn't make economical sense to ship them.  What he doesn't take, we'll store for him here.

Our poor dog is confused.  He was happy to see our college students when they were here and then was looking for them after they left.  Just after he'd calmed down, our other son arrived.  Poor pooch!

The visa application is moving right along.  DS went to the Danish consulate (or whatever it's officially called) in Houston yesterday and finished what he could on this end.  He's now awaiting his stuff to be sent to Denmark and for them to email him a temporary visa which he will complete with a Danish address once he moves over there.  It should take about 10 days but the timing isn't etched in stone for him to be able to make his flight arrangements yet.  This is an interesting experience for all of us.  (Luckily he was dealing with the Danish government so the partial shut down of the USA government didn't affect him at all.)

It's cooled off here a little bit which makes my am walks so much more comfortable.  If only the ragweed pollen would go away.  Sigh....there's always something to complain about.

On the stitching front:

A small finish (a freebie from

(scroll down if you want to snag the design.)

A bit of progress on PS Woodland Santa

And I worked a bit on a several-year-old wip:

Happy stitching!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday progress report and not-so-empty nest

I worked a bit on the following this week:

PS Woodland Santa (on the home stretch now):

HIH Wee Pilgrim (an oldie but goodie):

Lastly...I was digging in my wip pile looking for a CEC fall piece.  I didn't find it yet but I found this one:  Homespun Elegance Fall House Sampler.  I just have to stitch the viney things on the lampost and then find a jack-o-lantern button to finish this one.

Last Sunday we drove to Houston for a Greek Festival.  We loved the food and the traditional dancing.

Our college boys will be home for the weekend so as soon as I get off the computer, I'm heading to the kitchen to bake off some chocolate chip cookie dough, make an apple pie, and make some chili.  I'm hoping we can go to the homecoming game tonight at least to see the band at half time.  (I haven't seen their show yet.)  

Our older son has been planning to stay with us until he moves to Denmark for his post doc fellowship and we were hoping he be able to be here this weekend.  However he won't be here until next Tuesday bc of issues getting his visa application done to a certain point.  I'm hoping he and I can drive to Austin while he's here so he can see his brothers before he moves.

I'm thinking of doing a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning.  One can either walk or run the 5K course.  I can easily walk it but am thinking of trying to run at least part of it.  One of my sons is interested it doing it too so I'm hoping to be able to run part with him before I have to walk.  So this week, I've been interspersing my morning walks with running short distances.  I'm hoping by the time of the "race" that I can run enough so that I don't embarrass myself.  lol!  

Happy stitching!

Sad news

I just learned that an internet stitching buddy, Cathey who blogged at  passed away.

I'm praying for her family and friends.

Friday, October 4, 2013

2 Finishes and some wips!

As I'd hoped, I finished the CHS 2000 Christmas Sampler.  I love this one!  I finally made peace with stitching on the black aida...and now wonder if I could see the holes on black linen.  Someday I'll try.  Rather than letting this "properly age" (like a fine wine) in the drawer, I hope/plan to have it framed for this Christmas.

For the last few years, I've been wanting to stitch an old BOAF freebie (Halloween Cat?  I'm too lazy to go look at it to be sure of the name but it's something like that..)  As my readers know, until this year I've been incredibly busy volunteering with the band so I never quite got around to stitching it.  FINALLY I got together the needed floss and some purple fabric and stitched this cute little guy.  (I bought enough fabric to stitch another one in case I get involved in another block exchange where this will work.)

I also made a little progress on Hinzeit's Sweet Land of Liberty.  This is turning out to be a long-term wip.  I can remember a visit to a now-closed LNS in Berlin, Ohio ("Amish Country").  DH was with me and I saw this stitched model while walking out the door after making some purchases.  I immediately sighed, turned around, and bought this design.  I'm so glad I did!  A few years later, I sang a patriotic cantata entitled "Sweet Land of Liberty" in a community group on the first anniversary of 9-11.  This piece will remind me of that.

Lastly, I made some more progress on one of the PS Woodland Santas.  This will make the third (out of 4) designs I've stitched from that leaflet.  I'll probably stitch the 4th one sometime as well.

On the empty nest front, I'm way busier than I thought I'd be, getting some things done around the house, singing in the church choir, daily fitness walks, going to Friday morning coffees, etc.  Last night we attended a community production of "Kiss and Tell".  A band mom friend and a couple of "my" band kids were in it.  Another of my band kids was in the audience.  For some reason, last year he started giving me a "high five" every time I saw him at band.  That practice continues to this day because I got another one from him last night.  :-)

Our "baby" and possibly our other college son will be home next week so there will be some cooking and baking happening here.  Our oldest DS is definitely moving to Denmark and may be spending up to a couple of weeks here before he moves.

Happy stitching!