I only stitch on days that end in "y".

Friday, September 2, 2016

Jane Plews Progress

I was stitching along a good bit last weekend when I discovered I had stitched the boat motif in the wrong place.  (A design that has pages to it sometimes confuses me if I'm not paying enough attention.)  So...I had spent a good bit of time with the frog on Sunday.

That's behind me now and I've once again stitched the boat...this time in the right place.  I've "rounded the corner" on the left side which makes me feel good.

I came down with a "stupid cold" this week.  I've been whining mostly to myself but, despite feeling pretty miserable, it's only a cold.  I'm very lucky that it didn't hit me while I was doing all my traveling.

Here's my progress this week on Jane.

Happy stitching!


LindaLee said...

What lovely work and the finished piece is going to be beautiful indeed. Nice colors. Take care of that cold. Maybe some time in bed with your stitching will help!

Von said...

Get some rest and get rid of your cold! :)