I only stitch on days that end in "y".

Monday, April 19, 2010

Just finished

I finished stitching this yesterday for our nephew's wedding. It's the third one I started for the wedding...I guess the third one's the charm. I love the passage from Ruth.

Speaking of charms, this is an old design by HIH and the charm called for isn't even being made anymore. I like the sub. I found.
Sorry it's not the best quality picture...I just scanned it. I'll try to get a better picture after framing it.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Favorite sampler?

Do you have a favorite sampler? I realize that's like asking if you have a favorite child. lol!

Here's one of my favorites, Namesake Sampler. I love it for several reasons...first I think it's a great design. The designer is one of my stitching friends, Debbie from My Big Toe Designs. I also love it because of the family initials and our anniversary date "hidden" in the midst of the alphabets. I even remember putting it away for a while and another stitching buddy just told me to finish it already (not in so many words, but I needed a "push"). :-)

I still enjoy pausing for a look when I walk past where it's hanging.
Sorry for the flash. I'm a better stithcer than photographer.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Why I stitch

Do you ever think about why you stitch?

I can remember even way back in high school admiring needlepoint and cross stitch samplers that I'd seen then.

I think my favorite stithcing "genre" has always been samplers (although I enjoy manyother types too). I love the symmetry, the colors, the old sayings, the history, etc. and imagine those little girls way back when sitting there doing their stitching...when maybe some of them would have rather been outside with their brothers. lol!

I enjoy starting a new project, finishing an old one, and just the process of stitching, the tactileness and rhythm. I even love leafing through my stitching leaflets, magazines, etc. dreaming of starting more projects. Stitching is often comforting when things aren't going well. When looking at a certain piece, I can sometimes remember what was going on in my life while I was stitching it. When I'm stitching for someone else, I think of them while stitching the piece and sometimes say a small prayer for them.

Friday, April 9, 2010

I finally have a blog!

I may just be the last person on earth to start a blog. I love reading others blogs and have intended to start one but wonder who on earth would be interested in reading about me. I also get busy and sometimes forget about the computer so I can't promise that I'll be blogging regularly.

I DO like to cross stitch and have been stitching for over 30 years. I'll probably be doing a lot of show and tell here.

Anyway....her goes!!! Look, Mom....I'm blogging now!