I only stitch on days that end in "y".

Monday, March 24, 2014

Louie's Pie

DH's birthday was last Saturday and, since he likes pies WAY more than cakes, I decided to bake a pie for him from one of his mom's recipes.  (She passed away just before last Christmas.)

She told me many times that this was his favorite she called it Louie's Pie.  He told me that, while he loves it, it's not his favorite but he never had the heart to tell her.  It IS very good and maybe MY favorite of the pies she baked.  lol!  It has a very thick custard filling topped with almond slivers, golden raisins soaked in rum, sliced bananas, and meringue.  Yum!

On the stitching front:  Diane at Little House Needleworks released a design for which I stitched the model..."Farm Fresh Cherries".  It was a fun stitch...I think the first "farm truck" I've ever stitched.

I hope to finish up another model for her this week and then I have a new model coming soon.

I'm also working on LHN's "Hot Cocoa" for an ornament SAL and doing a little crochet.

Happy stitching!