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Friday, December 9, 2016

Beginning to look and feel like Christmas

We finally have some cold (for SE TX, anyway) weather.  I'm loving it!

We've had some unexpected things that required our attention this week.  Our computer monitor died, then shortly after taking care of that, my food processor died.  I just replaced it this am.  In addition, our cable and internet provider sent us a letter this week saying that they were severing ties with the company that does our email.  After having that email address for 13 years, you can imagine all the accounts that would need to be updated with a new email address!  We decided it was worth it to pay the other company a "nominal fee" to keep that email least for a while.

I pretty much finished what Christmas decorating I'll do for this year.  It's just the 2 of us here this year so I just put up enough to make us feel like it's Christmas.

This afternoon I finished our 2016 ornaments....cute little Santa sled ornaments.  I love them because they're so cute and so easy to make.  (I'm not sure why the grouping is upside down...they aren't in my file on the computer.)

There's nowhere we have to go tonight and I'm glad of it.  We'll enjoy the "soup weather" by having some chili for dinner tonight.

Next week will be very busy but fun.  In addition from meeting my walking buddies in the mornings for our daily walks, I'll be spending 2 afternoons next week caroling with a group that will visit a bunch of nursing homes.  One day will be at brunch at one of my friends' house.  Her house was flooded back in June and she and her DH recently got to move back in after renovations/remodeling.  Then there's music rehearsals to get ready for church activities.

Happy stitching!


Melinda Forbes said...

I love your sleds. I have stitched a few of these. Your Santas are so cute. Caroling at Nursing homes is so wonderful. Thank you for giving your time, especially this time of your to do something so wonderful for people. You are special

Mii Stitch said...

What a lovely sled collection!