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Monday, August 26, 2013


Last Friday we just moved our "baby" into his dorm room at University of Texas.  After having children under our roof for 32 years, we're officially empty nesters now.  I know-that's longer than many parents have children under their roof-- but how did this happen so fast?!

We're in "getting used to this" mode now.  I keep thinking Tony will walk in the door at any time.  lol!  I'll have to adjust from cooking large quantities to cooking for 2.  Etc., etc., etc.  (I won't mind doing less laundry.)

Our son (who just defended his PhD thesis last week) just landed in Denmark this morning.  He's checking out some post-doc fellowship opportunities.  (I guess I should renew my passport.)

Big changes all at once!

On the stitching front, I'm on the home stretch of a model and hope to finish it this week.  It's a cute one!

I also stitched a bit on a (donation) quilt square, HIH Wee Vegetables and here's my progress on that:

While in Austin I had a mini LNS fix.  Ginger's has closed but there's a nice needlework shop not too far from campus that carries a lot of the same threads we cross stitchers use.  Unfortunately I had lots of Crescent Color cottons on my list and they don't carry that I came home with only a few WDWs.

We finally have some rain today.  A sign that I just might be addicted to my morning walk...even though it was raining lightly, I decided to give it a go today. Shortly after I started, it started pouring.  I had my umbrella, so I walked the first loop before giving it up.  It's been raining off and on all day so far.  We really need it!

Happy stitching!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Proud Mom

We took a quick trip to Atlanta to watch our oldest DS (Michael) defend his thesis for his PhD in Physics from Georgia Tech.   He did a great job and has now completed all his requirements for his PhD which will be officially awarded at the next GT graduation in Dec.  He's now busy interviewing for post-doc positions, some in the US and some in Europe.   (He already has a couple of offers.)  He's flying to Europe soon to check out those.  We're SO proud of him!!!

As a bonus, Atlanta has been having unseasonably cool weather lately.  It was in the 60's and 70's while we were there and we enjoyed the short break from the Texas heat.

Obviously not a whole lot of stitching has been done this past week except on the model that I can't show.  It's turning out to be really cute.

We'll move our "baby" to his dorm at UT Austin at the end of this week so in the meantime, we'll finish up buying the rest of the stuff he'll need.  There's not too much of that, though. In addition to making dinners he likes this week,  I'll bake some cookies for him to take with him for a little reminder of home.

After we drop him off our empty nest phase officially starts.

Happy stitching!

Friday, August 9, 2013

My Dwelling Place and a "Wee" start

I've been working on a (top secret and VERY cute!) model that's taking my stitching priority this week but I also made a little progress on LHN's My Dwelling Place:

...and made a wee start on HIH's Wee Vegetables:

 This one is for a quilt square donation and it's requested that I don't use overdyes.  I'm using several shades of DMC in random lengths  instead of stitching the veggies in all one color (boring!).  Hopefully I'll get the "look" I'm going for.

I'm finding myself in the mood to stitch something with a Halloween theme so maybe once the model is finished, I might add something like that to the "rotation".

It continues to be really hot and humid here.  I walked 4 mornings this week...about 3 miles.  I missed this morning's walk bc  the AC guy was supposed to be here "first thing this morning".  He called with some "emergency"  (I've heard this story before.  It's one of the reasons we've been waiting since mid April to have this job completed.  Ugh!)  You know how it's said that you should use local businesses because, since they're local, they care more about getting the job done promptly and correctly.  Not always the case as this demonstrates.  A few years ago we spent a ton of money with them completely redoing our heating, cooling and venting system.  You'd have thought they'd show their gratitude by providing good service but....Well you get the idea.  The only reason we've stuck with them this far is because there's a slight chance that there's a small crack in the equipment that's still under warranty.  Once we get this figured out, we'll probably go with another company in the future.

Oh well....while waiting for the guy this am, I cleaned 4 ceiling fans and did some vacuuming.  I can do some more vacuuming while waiting for him to get here....if he ever does.  Grrrrrrr!

We're still making progress on the dorm shopping.  This week we added a new bike and wireless printer/scanner to the pile.  (Hey!  I want one of those wireless printers/scanners.)

Between work and seeing friends, DS is gone a lot.  As he was leaving for lunch with some friends the other day, I suggested he and I make a lunch date before he leaves.  It's amazing how quickly this time is passing for DH and me.  It's still too slow for DS.  He's SO excited!  ( he should be.)

I have an outing tomorrow.  I'm driving to a friend's house near Houston for a stitchers' get together.  There are several "regulars" and a few once-in-a-whiles who come to these.  We always have fun!  We always have a theme for the food. Apparently this one falls near or on Jimmy Dean's birthday so the theme is Sausage.  (I wonder when Oscar Meyer's birthday is but, wait!  We already had a bacon them.)  I'm making sausage balls to take.

Until next time......Happy Stitching!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday update

We keep crossing things off the dorm/school list and it seems like every time we cross something off, we think of 1 (or more) things we forgot to put on the list. Aargh!!  I think we're making progress, though.

Proud Mom Moment:  Our oldest DS will be defending his thesis soon for his PhD (Physics) and DH and I will get to go watch.  He's busy interviewing for post doc positions and has some promising possibilities.  Earning a PhD is a long slog and quite an accomplishment.  (I hope he won't make me call him Dr. Mike.  lol!)  We're so proud and excited for him.

I know, I youngest child graduated from HS (and band) but that didn't stop me from helping out some at their first week of summer band camp.  I helped most of yesterday's practice because my replacement had a doc appointment.  I think I can truly say I'm addicted.....although I'm glad I can go only when I feel like it this year.

I worked on the following wips this week:

CHS 2000 Christmas Sampler (I can only work on this one in small doses.  Stitching on black is challenging for my old eyes.

LHN My Dwelling Place (I'm stitching this one as a sal with my friend, Renee, and I think my friend, Sherre will be joinging us.)  I'm really enjoying this one!  I'm missing a few of the needed overdyes for this one so have to order them soon.

Hinzeit's Sweet Land of Liberty which was recently "rescued" from a drawer where it had been languishing for a few years.  (Yes, I said years!  I'm not proud of that.)  I sang in a "cantata" with a community choir that was called Sweet Land of Liberty (I can still hear the title song in my head.) the year after 911.  I thought this piece would be a great way to remember that event.  I noticed I'm half a stitch off in the bit below the right flowers....I blame the pesky teensy weensy thread that I must not have seen when I was stitching that part.

I'm also working on a new model which, until it's finished, will be my stitching priority.

It's very hot and humid here but I keep making myself go out for my am walks.  I enjoy the walk (minus the heat) and how it makes me feel but for some reason I dread getting started even after all this time.

Thank you for reading my ramblings and for the comments.

Happy stitching!

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