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Friday, October 7, 2016

Jane Plews progress

It's been a crazy week but I managed to make some progress on Jane Plews.  What's small happy dance worthy is the fact that the border's always a happy thing when that happens.

As for the crazy....our refrigerator died last week so we had to hurry up and replace it.  (Luckily we have a spare one so we didn't lose a lot of food.)  I was a little nervous about it fitting in the allotted spot despite careful measuring (the insulation is thicker in refrigerators these days so they're a little wider and taller than older models) and I was concerned about how they'd get it into the house because it's wider than one of the doors.

DH also had been looking to replace his gas grill and we ended up buying it at the other big box store that starts with a L and not the big box store where we bought the refrigerator.  (That one didn't carry the brand/one he wanted.)  There was a $40 (!) delivery fee which we weren't going to pay for a grill but the guy assured us that it would fit in our minivan (after we carefully measured.) bc you could "flip up" the table part.  Someone was supposed to meet us at the front of the store to help us load it up.  Over 30 minutes in the Texas heat (and peaking levels of ragweed) without anyone showing up, my husband went inside to ask for help again.  The woman who came out clearly was useless in helping us and we found out that you most certainly can NOT "flip up" the table part...even with a screwdriver.  DH was livid and I was close to it...saying they should comp us the delivery fee after this guy over-promised.  At least the woman was able to make that happen and also promised that "they'd" repair the screw that stripped and put another missing one in there before delivery.  We'd be given a mutually acceptable delivery window.  That didn't happen....we received a taped call assigning our window to Sunday am (!) between 9-11...when both of us had church obligations (singing, teaching Sunday School, and ushering).  We ended up playing "tag team" so one of us would be home for the delivery.  It finally arrived....and they did NOT replace the missing screws.

After that, I was really nervous about how the refrigerator delivery from HD would go.  It could not have gone smoother!!!  The guys arrived when they were supposed to (and at my convenience), we figured out that they could go through the French doors in the back without having to take the doors off the fridge, they connected the water, took off all the plastic, cleaned up after themselves, were very polite, and asked if there was anything else we needed them to do before they left.

On to the next bit of craziness...I mentioned earlier how I was sent to the dental school (in the big city) for a specialized scan to aid in the diagnosis.  It's been about 3 weeks and the report still hasn't been send to my local endodontist.  He's even frustrated because they're putting him off (and he's even on staff up there).  After they promised to email the report last Monday and failed to do so by Wednesday, they asked me to try to contact the dental school directly (thinking if they won't respond to him, maybe they'll respond to the patient).  Not so much!  I was on the phone a good deal of the day yesterday trying to get someone to answer these questions:  1.  What is the normal time between having the scan done and the report being sent to the referring dentist?  2.  Why is my report taking so long and when can I expect my dentist to receive it?  I know my way around the medical field (and my DH knows his way around imaging and docs who read images) and we both have a pretty good idea of Question #1.  Two people I spoke to (who both schedule the images and transmit the reports) claim not to know the answer to #1.  (I DON'T BELIEVE THEM!)  They claim they don't have any idea of when the report will be sent either.  Bull#@#$!  I believed this to be insufficient so I kept calling phone numbers and looking on the website for a patient advocate (couldn't find one) thinking there's got to be somebody in that facility who cares to answer my questions and get to the bottom of where the report is.  I continued today and started getting the same non responses until  while talking to another "I don't know...and, in reality "I don't care" person, I asked for contact information for a patient advocate.  She wasn't too pleased but had to give me the contact info.  FINALLY I found someone who was interested in all that went wrong, agrees with me that they should have been able to easily answer both questions and assures me that something will be done about the matter.   (I was firm and as friendly as I could be but I shared with her that I was so frustrated with their lack of even caring to help me that I'd already printed out a complaint form from the state dental board that I'd have filled out if not for her seeming to care.  Also I'd shared with her that I worked in the health field and I knew this was not how things were supposed to go.  I reminded at least a couple of people I spoke with about the patient's rights posted on their webpage that they clearly violated. We'll see!

I'm hoping I made enough "noise" to build a fire under the appropriate people and hope to hear the results from my local endodontist early next week....a full month after the scan.  (In reality, it should have taken 2-3 days max to get the report back.)

Wow!  That was a lot and I'd be surprised if anyone reads through all that.  lol!

Hopefully next post will contain a lot less drama.

Happy stitching!

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