I only stitch on days that end in "y".

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentine's Day and Stitching Update

I'd intended to update my blog yesterday but the day didn't turn out quite as expected.  One of my walking buddies slipped on a wet floor where we went for coffee after our walk and I and another friend spent the morning with her in the ER and got her safely home.  (She needs surgery on a broken elbow but should recover nicely.)  Her DH is currently working out of state and we "mother hens" are probably driving her crazy checking on her until her DH arrives home today.

I quickly ran to the grocery store and came home to make a pie for last night's dinner.  We both thought a nice dinner at home would be preferable to waiting for a table at a noisy, crowded restaurant.  (We never know when DH will get home from work so didn't even try to make a reservation.)  Our Valentine dinner consisted of grilled rib-eye steak, baked potatoes with all the trimmings, a nice salad, and a blueberry/cranberry/orange pie.  We even cracked open a nice bottle of champagne that one of our kids gave us a while ago.  I'd forgotten about it but after the crazy day yesterday, it added a nice touch to dinner.  I even lit some candles!

Here are some of the Valentine stitching projects I've done over the years:

As for my current stitching, I finished the March LHN Calendar Girl.

I also made a little progress on LHN Elizabeth Hancock (although I noticed that I made a small boo boo) and LHN Adam and Eve.

Happy stitching!

Friday, February 3, 2017

A Tale of 2 Finishes (...and WIP progress)

As January was ending, I realized I hadn't chosen let alone stitched my Halloween moon-themed ornament for a sal so I chose this from the PS leaflet Boo Moon:

I should have paid closer attention to the next theme for Feb which is witches.  Oops!  Now to decide on another one with a witch!

Then, I though, since February is so short, I should probably get a head start on my Day 2 of the PS 12 Days of Christmas for the Christmas Ornament sal:

This one also works for a PS 12 Days sal on another group and a DEF sal on yet another group.

Then I spent some time working on LHN's Elizabeth Hancock.  Almost done with the verse:

We are lucky to live on a small lake.  Lately I've been noticing some visiting brown pelicans.  They hung out on our dock the other afternoon.  They're fun to watch, especially when they're fishing.

Happy stitching!