I only stitch on days that end in "y".

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Salem Remembered and Some Family Time

I'm mostly model stitching lately (so no picture of that one) but I'm also working a bit on Salem Remembered by Primitive Needle.

We recently visited our daughter's family and then traveled with her and our granddaughter to visit our oldest son who recently moved to Colorado.  While we were there we woke up one morning to 6 inches of snow.  How fun for all of us, especially our granddaughter! 

OK...back to model stitching now.

Happy stitching!

Monday, October 1, 2018

CCN Bless Our Home Finished!

I had about half this one done and intended to finish it while I was in HI but breaking my wrist/surgery at the beginning of that trip derailed that plan.

I'm happy that I finished it last Saturday.

Without further ado:

I changed some of the colors to suit me.

I'm model stitching during the weekdays (nights) but have been doing personal stitching during the weekdays (nights).  For my personal piece, I (finally) started Primitive Needle's Salem Remembered.  A stitching buddy of mine was nice enough to loan it to me.  It calls for 40 ct. fabric but my eyes probably wouldn't allow for that so I'm using 36 count lambswool linen and the called for silks.

Honeybee, thank you for your kind comments about my header picture.  Believe it or not, I stitched all 4 seasons from that leaflet....for my sister.  I kept telling myself I'd stitch fall again for me to keep but never got around to it...yet.  (It reminds us of our late grandma who baked the best apple pies.  She'd often bake a pie for friends, families, and neighbors who were going through illnesses or other bad times.  I called it her "apple pie ministry".)

Happy stitching!