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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Our Christmas, Lucy Redd and New Model

Happy New Year!

We had a wonderful Christmas with all 4 of our kids (5 counting our SIL) and our granddaughter here in our house for Christmas.  They all came and went different days so we had someone here from a few days before Christmas to Jan 2 for the last bunch to leave.

I had a good excuse to "cook big" a few times not to mention all the baking.  Besides the hundreds of cookies, I must have baked 6-7 pies.  I usually don't bake lemon meringue for Christmas but when I realized DH and the kids weren't kidding when they asked where the LM pie was, I baked one that they devoured in record time and then baked another to replace that one.  I've learned my lesson to always have a LM pie around when they're here. 

It was so fun!  Our kids live all over so we were enjoying it not knowing when this opportunity will arise again.  We even got a chance to have our granddaughter to ourselves while DD and DSIL spent a few days in Austin by themselves.

As much fun as we had, it's also nice to get back to (our version of) normal too.  Christmas decorations are all packed away and  I'm back to stitching, working on Lucy Redd sampler (Homespun Elegance)....

...and I started another model.  (I had just sent out a model I completed before the holidays too.)

My arm is still recovering (I've developed some shoulder weakness, pain (aching), and slight decrease in range of motion from it being used less when my wrist was out of commission.  I'm working on it.) but, every once in a while, I think of how much better and more functional I am than when I started this journey.  I also remember, during the worst of it, how I wondered if I'd ever be able to stitch as much as I did before the injury.  I'm thankful to be doing this well and hope to be doing even better as time goes on.

Happy stitching!