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Friday, December 2, 2016

A Small Finish

I'm a member of the Facebook group Candy Cane Stitchers.  The designer Barbara Ana gave the group her design of Silent Night.  I'd had it started since she posted it in 2014 and finally finished it last night.  I love the sweet little reindeer!

It's been a busy week keeping up with my regular activities and adding a few more with Christmas coming up.  I joined a group that will be caroling to area nursing homes.  I was so tired last night and it dawned on me that I've had 4+ vocal rehearsals this week between choir, caroling group,  faith band, and rehearsing with a friend with whom I'll be singing a duet this Sunday at church.  (We just found out about it Wednesday after choir practice and sight read it for the first time then.)  I'm not complaining because I love to sing and I'm enjoying it so much.

After finishing Silent Night last night, I picked up the Denmark Santa wip.  I'm hoping to finish it this year...but I want to make a few of those sled ornaments and perhaps stitch a small stocking for our grandbaby.

We're playing cards with a group tonight so instead of preparing dinner, I'll prepare a snack to take and share.

We're hoping to finish putting up the Christmas decorations this weekend.  I think we're actually ahead of where we usually are in that department this year.

If only I didn't require sleep this time of the year!

Happy stitching!

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Melinda Forbes said...

I love Barbara Ana designs, and you have a wonderful finish. It does sound as if you are having lots of gun stuff to do, I love this time of year and I think you are enjoying it to the fullest.