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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Good-bye summer!

Yesterday was the last day of band camp and our college son went back to Austin.  School starts Monday so summer break is over.  It always seems to go so fast!

Our first football game is this coming Friday so the business will be ramping up.  I'll be busy buying and packing sodas for the kids and adult chaperones, preparing for pregame meals, and, of course, attending practices.  Stitching and blog posting will take a back seat until early Nov. but I'll try not to disappear entirely.

I picked up my Little House Needleworks Family Sampler from the framer the other day and am very pleased with how it turned out.  I really enjoyed stitching and personalizing this one.

I also made some progress on Shakespeare Peddler's "A Weary World Rejoices".  I just may get this one stitched before Christmas this year.

Happy stitching!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Remember me?

We've now completed 3 weeks of marching band camp in the hot, humid SE Texas weather.  The kids are tolerating the heat pretty well.  I serve with a group of parents who make sure they have lots of water, dispense band aids and such, monitor their comings and goings into the band hall, help cool off overheated kids, and generally help out to free up the directors' time so they can concentrate on practices.

Last year we were gifted a tractor trailer to get our instruments to games and contests.  A group of parents built it out inside with shelving, instrument racks, etc. cut out 2 side doors and made stairs to make it efficient for the kids to get out and put away their instruments.  Today Pearl 2 was unveiled to the kids.  It was driven outside the band hall and the kids rehearsed how they are to load and unload the truck.  It appears even from one "run through" that the way it's built out will streamline loading and unloading time for games and contests.

Pearl 2 you ask?  We're the Buccaneers so thought The Pearl would be a good name for our "ship".  This is our second tractor trailer, hence the 2.

I've gotten a bit of stitching done...when I'm not collapsed on the couch because of all the exercise and heat from band camp.  I picked up a wip of Shakespeare's Peddler's "Weary World" and have been working on that this week.

  I'm really enjoying stitching this one and hope to finish it by the time some special ordered fabric arrives for my next sampler, Moira Bladburn's "Three Things".

Diane Williams just revealed a model I stitched for her, "Pumpkin Patch Inn".  I really like this design and most likely will stitch it again for me.  I love the frame Diane chose for this one!  You can see it on her website here:

We've gone to see DS's hand surgeon and everything looks good.  Hopefully another 5 weeks in the cast.  He can't wait to be "normal" again.  Just when I think we're getting done with some appointments, his orthodontist says it's time to consult with the oral surgeon about wisdom teeth extraction.  It sounds like we can wait until after marching season for the extraction.  This is his senior year and I have a feeling it's going to be very busy around here the entire year.  (He's already starting his college applications.)

That's it for now.  Thanks for reading if you made it this far.

Happy stitching!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Finally finished!

I put the last stitch in my LHN Family Sampler Sunday night before band camp started on the next Monday morning.  Sorry it's such a horrible picture.  I changed the color of the house to reflect the house we built in MI.  I loved that house!

Thanks for all you concern for DS.  His pain is much decreased...he hasn't needed his pain med since Tuesday and he's doing some finger and elbow exercises to keep these joints from becoming stiff.  He just can't use his arm.  We go back for his post op appointmen next week and expect that everything is healing as expected.  I'm hoping he can at least learn his marching drill and maybe even drum one-handed for a while.  He hates this!  (...and I don't blame him.)

He's started his college applications so that's keeping him busy. 

He can't march or drum now but DH and I worked all week at morning marching band practice....wondering what's wrong with this picture?  lol!  I'm getting used to the heat again and pretty wiped out every day so not much stitching going on.  It's hard to stitch and watch the Olympics anyway.  Go, team USA!!!!!

Posting on my blog will be hit or miss during band season but I'll try to keep up with blog reading when I can.

Happy stitching!!