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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Another Contest at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe

Nancy at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe is hosting another contest for some of her beautiful floss.

Check out her blog for details.

Happy Stitching!Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe

Sunday, October 8, 2017

I'm Baaaaack!!

I arrived home last Tuesday night from what was supposed to be a 2 week trip that turned into a 3 week trip.  The first week went well...I visited my daughter's family (CA) and helped with my 18- month-old granddaughter.  I even had her to myself for a weekend while my daughter and son-in-law went backpacking.  The "baby" loves outings and is very social so I took her to a little farm with a train to ride and a petting zoo.  We really enjoyed that outing.

My next stop was to visit with my parents in OH.  Things started going badly when the room I prepaid/reserved (because I had a late flight and a 2+ hour drive after landing) wasn't honored.  Not only that but they didn't find me another place to stay as is what they were supposed to do.  So there I was late at night with nowhere to stay.  I called Booking dot com with whom we made the reservations (it wasn't their fault but the fault of the local motel) and, since the person with whom I spoke wasn't familiar with the area, I pretty much had to tell her what part of town to look for another room.  Long story short (another 25 minute drive with my friend "Google Maps" leading the way along roads under construction), I finally got checked into my room.  I was so keyed up by then that the last time I looked at the clock before falling asleep, it was after 3 am.

(I put DH on the job of complaining to the corporate office of  (what we used to think was a good quality chain) because not only had I prepaid the reservation but also we'd informed them that afternoon that I'd be checking in late to which they responded that they'd be holding my room.  It took several attempts before finally someone there finally accepted responsibility that they'd (both the local motel and then corporate) screwed up.  (Maybe it was the fact that I told them I would be posting my experience on social media and would name names.)  They apologized and gave me a free stay for  another I'd trust them and make another reservation with them every again.  Grrrr!!!

I finally made it to my parents' house and got sick a couple days later.  Then my mom got sicker but didn't want to go get checked out.  The night before I was to return home, she got so much worse that we had to take her to the ER.  I decided to stay longer until she was feeling better and I'm so glad I did.  (She's doing significantly better now.)

I booked my new flight home to correspond with DH's return from a business trip so we could meet up at the airport and drive home together.  My adventure wasn't over yet.  Apparently there was some weather in Dallas (where I was to change planes) and we circled Dallas for over an hour before landing.  I knew I was late for my connecting flight but then reasoned that if we couldn't land, my next flight probably couldn't take off.  I was right but I still had to sprint from one end of the terminal to the other to get to my gate on time.

After all the pleasant travel from summer 2016, the averages caught up with me on this trip.  lol!  (I'm almost scared for the next trip!)

Stitching....while I was gone, Diane (Little House Needleworks) released a design that I model stitched for her...The Beatitudes.  I loved stitching this one so much that I was a little sad when I finished it.  I'll most likely stitch it again to keep.  Isn't it a beautiful design?!

I'm currently working on another model that I'm enjoying.

Happy stitching!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Unwelcome Visitor

I'm sorry I haven't posted an update until now.  Things have been a little crazy around here since Harvey impacted Houston and our city.  I'm sure you've all seen the heartbreaking videos and pictures from Houston.  We didn't have strong winds (tropical storm force winds) here from the storm but were waiting for much of that water from Houston to flow to our area in the rivers/bayous/creeks which happened as Houston started to drain.

First of all, we feel very blessed!  Our lake level is high and is covering our dock and new deck but our house was never in danger.  We lost power a couple of times during the storm but the longest we were without power was 45 minutes.

Before the flooding arrived:

After flooding arrived:

                                                       Fish swimming over deck:

I wish that everyone here had the same luck as we did.  Unfortunately I know many people whose houses flooded and others who were either under voluntary evacuations (streets flooded so they couldn't get in or out of their neighborhoods) or mandatory evacuations (their homes were at high risk of flooding and some did).

I could fill this up with picture after picture.  It's so sad!  Many of the people flooded were also flooded last year during a "100 Year Flood Event" and had just been able to move back into their homes late last year.

The silver linings are that there were no deaths or serious injuries in our county from the flooding/rescues/etc. and it's been very heartwarming to see neighbor helping neighbor, stranger helping stranger, etc.  Our city and county authorities have been great preparing for the storm/flooding, pumping out some of the water to prevent even more homes from flooding, and regular communication/updates to residents.

I was able to take some food over to a nearby shelter at a church and was privileged to get to help do laundry for some National Guard members who are here helping  our community.  A local laundry is letting people in shelters and the first responders do their laundry there for free (they're even providing the detergent/fabric softener sheets and even doing some of the laundry for them). 

The recovery will be long but I know our community is strong and will get through this together.

Now we're watching the news about Hurricane Irma...and praying for everyone's safety.

My stitching has brought me comfort.  I've been working on another model but also stitched on BBD's In Full Glory:

I've also started LHN's Autumn Band Sampler for a sal with the LHN/CCN FB group.  I stitched the model for this one and this fall sal is a great excuse to finally stitch it again to keep.

Finally I stitched some reins on DGD's stocking, Bent Creek's Christmas Eve stocking.  Reins weren't charted but I wanted to add some.  I've mailed the stocking out to Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher, for finishing.  I can't wait to see what she does with it.  She's so talented!

Happy stitching!

Friday, August 25, 2017

Go Home, Harvey!!

I've been model stitching this week, but I can' show any pictures.  I'm sure enjoying the design, though!

We started this week watching the eclipse and are ending it preparing for Hurricane Harvey.  We live on the TX Gulf Coast and Harvey will dump a lot of rain on us.  We'll have wind too but probably no more than the 50-60 mph range at worst.  (I hope they're right!)

We've been advised to prepare and to stay home (and off the streets which will be flooded).  We'll probably be without power for a while too.  We're following authorities' advice and are confident that we'll be safe.

I pray for all in Harvey's path, especially those who will have more of an impact than we will.

I just took this picture and wonder what time our little pier will be under water.

Happy stitching!


Saturday, August 19, 2017

Stocking Buttons and In Full Glory Progress

I've been stitching this week on a model, In Full Glory, and stitched the buttons on the stocking.  Slow but steady wins the race!

For some unknown reason, I stitched the door in the red brick.  Maybe it was not such an unknown reason;  the symbols for both the correct and incorrect color are very similar.  The gaps on the sides of the steps are where I had to frog enough to secure the ends.  I'll be filling in this week so it will look like it's supposed to look.  I've been wanting to stitch this one for quite some time so I'm glad to be working on it.

Happy stitching!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Stocking Progress and a New WIP

I'm nearing the end of the stocking.  I just have to stitch on buttons and figure out something for the reins (that weren't charted on the design for some reason).  Then it goes off to the finisher.  I'm really pleased that I decided to stitch on 28 count instead of 18 count.  The size will be just right!

I also restarted BBD's In Full Glory.  I'd started it before with subbed (with what I had on hand) threads but didn't write anything down so when I placed my big order a couple of weeks ago, I bought the called-for floss for this one.

I think I've narrowed my choices down for a fall LHN/CCN sal but haven't made my final decision.  Start date is Sept. 1 so I have some time to think about it for a little bit longer.

I'm also working on another model which will take my stitching priority.  It's going to be a fun project!

The "Waltoni" (I call my Italian exteneded family, the Waltonis when we all get together) Thanksgiving plans are progressing nicely.  Even my sister-in-law and her husband who live in Alaska will be joining us!

Happy stitching!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Friday Already?!

If it's true that time seems to move faster and faster the older you are, I must be getting pretty ancient.  This past week flew by!

Both DH and I had medical appointments that went very well.  (Uh-oh! Another sign of age is when your conversations often have something to do with medical stuff.  I'm doomed!)

A few days ago, a big (extended) family get together has been proposed for  2017 Thanksgiving...for the Italian side of the family.  We're already starting to get excited about it.  The last time DH and I got together with this many relatives on this side of the family was for my MIL's funeral.

We're having a busy social weekend (for us, anyway).  In addition to church on Sunday, we're playing cards with a group tonight and will attend a retirement celebration for one of the (beloved) HS band directors who was there when my kids were in HS (and for which I volunteered the equivalent hours of a full-time job plus overtime).

I mentioned in a previous post the goose family that lives on our lake.  A Canadian goose that lost his mate got together with a brown goose and they have one surviving baby.  Well baby is now bigger than mama and has characteristics from both parents.  Poor Mother Goose!  Daddy and "baby" can fly faster/farther than Mother Goose and they take off without her...sometimes for days.  She'll stand sentry on our little pier watching and squawking for them to come back to her.  I feel sorry for her when they're gone.

I have a small finish (for the Halloween ornament sal) from last year's JCS Halloween edition.  It's part of a larger design and I kinda like this little guy:

The Bent Creek stocking is coming right along.  I was talking about the "journey" on this one yesterday with my friend who came over to stitch with me.  It seems like I took forever to decide what to stitch, then I didn't like the fabric it called for so restarted, THEN made a stupid mistake, omitting a row in one of the reindeer that required frogging and restitching.  Yikes!  I seem to be well on track now to get it finished in a few more days.  I'm really glad that I used the higher count fabric.

I plan to join an Autumn LHN/CCN sal group starting next month.  (I'm a glutton for punishment with all these sal's.)  I'll start with a LHN one and if that goes well,  I may start a CCN one.  (I have no idea what key I hit to make the font change.)

Oh dear!  That means that even after that big stash order last week, that I "need" to order more floss...and probably another design I looked at last week but resisted ordering.  

Happy stitching!