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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Stitching Progress

Here's my current progress on Jane Plews Sampler.  The designer just updated us with additional parts which is good because I'm almost ready for it.  I'm really enjoying this sampler.  It "just" uses good ole DMC but aren't the colors beautiful together?

I felt like I needed to stitch something patriotic but instead of starting something new, I found BBD's In Full Glory still kitted up (minus the fabric) from when I stitched part of it for an exchange block.  So that's my patriotic project for this year.

Happy stitching!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe Drawing

Nancy from Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe is hosting a drawing for some of her patriotic goodies.

Read all about it here:

Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe

Good luck and Happy Stitching!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Back home from CA....again

My husband was attending a conference in San Diego and since I loved it there the last time we went, I decided to go along with him again.  We were staying in the East Village right up the street from the baseball stadium...and very close to the Gaslamp Quarter where there are a lot of things to do within walking distance.  I loved walking to the other side of the convention center to the harbor area to walk around, watch the boats, and people watch.  This time I walked over to Seaport Village (I think that's the proper name or at least close to it) and browse in the shops there.  We also took the ferry over to Coronado Island and walked around there too.

A friend and her husband were also there (he was also attending meetings) and she and I took a day to drive up the coast just a bit to walk on several beaches, hike at Torrey Pines, and stop in at La Jolla to see the seals at the cove there.  We also stopped for lunch at a little local Mexican place in one of the little towns in the area.  What a fun day!!  (I have the sunburn to prove it.)  I'd definitely go back again, given the chance.

I finished the model and sent it off to the designer before we left for CA and the designer received it.  (I always feel good to know it arrived safely.)  Now I'm working some more on Jane Plews sampler.  Here's my present progress:

Happy stitching!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Wedding Piece finished and framed!

I'll have to check with the Guinness world records people but I think we may have set some kind of record for stitching and framing a piece of cross stitch.  I say "we" because my husband, I, and my framer all had a hand in it.

DH suggested a week+ ago that I stitch something for our neighbors/friends' 50th wedding celebration.  (Their kids are throwing them a party next weekend.)  I quickly stitched something from LK Make it Personal, finished on Friday afternoon, and took it to my framer.  I told him the situation, he helped select the moulding, and he finished framing before his shop closed that afternoon.  (I love him!  He has a great eye in choosing the right mouldings, does wonderful and fast work, and is very reasonably priced.)

I feel so good that this is finished on time!  We'll be unable to attend the party so I told a mutual friend about it, asking if she could make sure they get it.  Not only will they get it, but this friend is helping decorate for the party and she says she'll use it as party of the decorations.

Now I'm working on a model which I'm really enjoying.  I hope to finish it soon and then I'll probably get back to the sampler I showed last time.  I'm really behind on some sal blogs too so I'll need to get going again on those.  So much to stitch--so little time! 

Happy stitching!

A Drawing at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe

Nancy's at it away a favorite red roses boxed floss set.

See her blog for how to enter.

Favorite Red Roses boxed set drawing

Good luck and Happy Stitching!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

I'm Still Here!

Between things getting a little busy around here and a short "stitching slump", I've neglected my blog for a while again.

Our grandbaby is doing very well and we can't wait to see her again.

DH's job is going well except that he's doing more driving back and forth than he ever has before.  So far the work from home deal hasn't materialized except for Fridays.  We're hoping soon that Mondays will also be a work from home day too.  He enjoys the work and the people there so it's all good.

Our DS who's currently living in Denmark was visiting "The States" last month.  He first went to meet his new neice in CA and then came here to TX for a visit.  While he was here, both he and I flew up to OH to visit with my parents.

This summer will be unusual for me. Before becoming an empty nester, I was pretty much tethered to our kids' activities so couldn't plan trips except for family visits and trips with the marching band.  Things have sure changed!   In addition to another trip to visit our little sweetie pie, I'll also travel with DH on one of his work trips to San Diego.  Then later in the summer I'll be going to HI to help my sister with summer child care.  (She recently went back to work and wanted some unscheduled home time for her kids who are in second and 4th grade.)  My brother also lives there (Oahu) and he has a nice sailboat.  I'm hoping we can talk him into taking us sailing at least once while I'm there.  Knowing him, I won't have to do much arm-twisting.

My frugality has caught up with me.  My smart phone is at least 6 years old and I was hoping to stretch it out a little longer before replacing it after buying new phones for other family members...and a car for our youngest son so he can drive back and forth to his summer internship.  I stretched it out a little too long.  My battery is pretty much dead and won't take/keep a charge.  Fortunately I was able to plug it into the computer to retrieve my videos/pictures and contacts.  UNfortunately,  nobody around here has the phone I want in stock and even ordering it has a "waiting time" before it will be shipped.  (Fortunately I checked all the colors and was able to shorten that time by choosing a less popular color.)  In the meantime, I'm using an old "dumb phone" we use for our home phone number.  Isn't it AMAZING how dependent we've become on our smart phones?!  I keep reminding myself of all the years I functioned perfectly well without even a cell phone.

I mentioned a stitching slump.  Instead of stitching, I was doing some reading but now I'm back to stitching and reading.  I'm behind on most of my sal groups and my Calendar Girls but I'll eventually catch up.

Here's a little small by PS.  I have an idea of how to "finish" it but haven't followed through yet.

Next up is Beach Blessings by Erica Michaels.  It's supposed to be stitched on gauze but I used 32 count linen (over 2).  Instead of solidly stitching the sand, I used a piece of fabric that looked to me like sand.

Here's another PS.  I think I'd like to try to "finish" this into a needlebook.

I'm a member of the FB group Sampler Heart which is a group of repro sampler lovers.  One of our members (Inguana Krastina) reproduced an antique sampler and is giving it (in installments) to members of our group as a stitch-along.  Here's my progress so far on that one:

DH suggested that I stitch a small wedding piece for some friends who are celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2 weeks.  I'll have to get moving on that if I want to get something done in time!

I also just received another model to stitch that I'll be starting today/tonight.

I guess the slump is over!

Happy stitching!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Long Time, No See

I've neglected my blog (and stitching) lately but for a good reason.  I returned late last week from visiting our new grandbaby (and her parents, of course, but they'll probably always get "second billing"  from now on).

  She's doing great now but, unfortunately, she had to spend a few days in the hospital after we arrived.  It was a little scary and stressful for all of us at first and I'm so thankful that we were there to be able to lend some emotional and practical support during and after her hospitalization.  My husband had to return home as we'd originally planned (see below) but I was able to extend my stay another week+ and help out with cooking, laundry, grocery shopping, baby cuddling, etc. so that the parents could catch up on their rest.   I know they could have handled it on their own but I'm so glad they didn't have to.  (Everyone seemed to be doing better by the time I left so I felt ok about leaving when the time came.)

  They had a few days on their own and now the other set of grandparents are there visiting.  I Facetimed with them yesterday and was happy to see the other Grandma preparing dinner for them...and hear that Grandma and Grandpa took the baby out on a stroller ride yesterday afternoon so DD could take a nap. (DD couldn't have chosen a better husband and in-laws.  They're wonderful people!)

While I was in CA, my DH retired from his job, had a 3-day weekend which he spent doing yard work, and then went to work the following Monday for a new employer.  His drive is even longer (1.5 hours each way) but when things settle down, he'll be able to work from home at least a couple days a week.  Those of us who know him laugh at his idea of "retirement" but he's very excited about what he's doing with his new job.  As long as he's happy, I'm happy. 

As for my's taken a back seat.   I didn't even take any with me while visiting the new baby...and wouldn't have had any time to pull it out anyway.  Once I returned home, unpacked, and reorganized I pulled out a sampler that was only lacking the personal touches to be finished.  It's "Live Laugh Love" by Primitive Betty.  Rather than use my initials and the current year in the "banner", I thought I wanted something older.  I ended up using my late grandmother's (maiden name) initials and her birth year in the banner and thought it would be a nice way to honor her.  (She didn't cross stitch but she was a talented seamstress, quilter, and crocheter and I think I acquired my interest in stitching from watching her over the years.)  I "signed" the piece in much smaller back stitching.  It felt good to finish something right off the bat after just picking up the stitching again.

Happy stitching!