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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Our St. Pat's Dinner and a Couple of Finishes...and a Model

If we're home, I like to make a dinner with corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes.  The best part is the Reubens the next day from the leftover corned beef.  (Although when our kids lived at home, often there wouldn't be enough leftovers for more than one sandwich.)

This year I made the corned beef in the crock pot with some beef broth, carrots, and onions.  I made colcannon (mashed potatoes with cooked shredded cabbage, lots of butter, milk, salt and pepper) and I tried making a new recipe of shortbread that incorporated some ground up oatmeal (in homage of my SIL's native Scotland).

The results were very good and we're looking forward to the Reuben sandwiches for tonight's dinner.

My friend came over the other day to stitch so, instead of working on the new model, I finished 2 French Hens and started 4 calling birds from the Prairie Schooler's 12 Days of Christmas leaflet.  I'm stitching these to be finished as ornaments and it's a sal theme in an ornament a month group.  (I was so close to finishing the calling birds that I finished them last night...will work intensively on the model from here on out.)

I don't think I posted about CCN releasing the last model I stitched...Lovebirds  It's a cute one and worked up quickly.

Happy stitching!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Beautiful Floss Giveaway at Victorian Motto Sampler Floss

Nancy's hosting another giveaway of some of her beautiful floss.  Details below:

Spring Flowers Collection Giveaway

Good luck and....

Happy stitching!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

California Dreamin' and Pi Day

I just returned Monday night from a 2+ week visit to my DD's family to help out a bit with our sweet granddaughter while DSIL had some trips planned.  I got to pick her up early in the afternoons from day care and either took her to the nearby park or played with her at home.  I also did some kitchen help, ran errands, went to the grocery store, etc.  I stayed long enough (and DH flew in for) her 1st birthday party.  (We helped with the prep for that too.)  I made some play dough for the party.  While the kids enjoyed it, the "big kids" (adults) enjoyed it even more.  The party's theme was "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" and my DD made the cutest cake.

She's such a sweetie!  I got to see her first steps (walking independently) and DH taught her how to say "uh-oh!".

In the mornings, I would walk down their (steep, .6 mile) hill and over to a nearby park for a nice walk.  I saw deer, bunnies, and lots of birds there.  If you look carefully in the picture below, you can see a deer.

I didn't have time for much stitching but I managed to finish a couple of PS wips I brought with me.

It was really hard to leave (and I'm already thinking about my next visit there) but, I suppose, good to get home and back to "normal".  I have a new model to stitch that looks to be something I'll really enjoy stitching.

We celebrated Pi Day yesterday for dinner by having some of my DH's homemade pizza we'd frozen and a banana cream pie (with rum-soaked golden raisins and toasted almond slivers) that I made from a recipe of my late MIL.  (I'm going to have to do a lot more walking to make up for that meal!)

Happy stitching!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentine's Day and Stitching Update

I'd intended to update my blog yesterday but the day didn't turn out quite as expected.  One of my walking buddies slipped on a wet floor where we went for coffee after our walk and I and another friend spent the morning with her in the ER and got her safely home.  (She needs surgery on a broken elbow but should recover nicely.)  Her DH is currently working out of state and we "mother hens" are probably driving her crazy checking on her until her DH arrives home today.

I quickly ran to the grocery store and came home to make a pie for last night's dinner.  We both thought a nice dinner at home would be preferable to waiting for a table at a noisy, crowded restaurant.  (We never know when DH will get home from work so didn't even try to make a reservation.)  Our Valentine dinner consisted of grilled rib-eye steak, baked potatoes with all the trimmings, a nice salad, and a blueberry/cranberry/orange pie.  We even cracked open a nice bottle of champagne that one of our kids gave us a while ago.  I'd forgotten about it but after the crazy day yesterday, it added a nice touch to dinner.  I even lit some candles!

Here are some of the Valentine stitching projects I've done over the years:

As for my current stitching, I finished the March LHN Calendar Girl.

I also made a little progress on LHN Elizabeth Hancock (although I noticed that I made a small boo boo) and LHN Adam and Eve.

Happy stitching!

Friday, February 3, 2017

A Tale of 2 Finishes (...and WIP progress)

As January was ending, I realized I hadn't chosen let alone stitched my Halloween moon-themed ornament for a sal so I chose this from the PS leaflet Boo Moon:

I should have paid closer attention to the next theme for Feb which is witches.  Oops!  Now to decide on another one with a witch!

Then, I though, since February is so short, I should probably get a head start on my Day 2 of the PS 12 Days of Christmas for the Christmas Ornament sal:

This one also works for a PS 12 Days sal on another group and a DEF sal on yet another group.

Then I spent some time working on LHN's Elizabeth Hancock.  Almost done with the verse:

We are lucky to live on a small lake.  Lately I've been noticing some visiting brown pelicans.  They hung out on our dock the other afternoon.  They're fun to watch, especially when they're fishing.

Happy stitching!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Little House Week for me

I've been working on LHN's Adam and Eve lately...and for a while now have been meaning to put my wip (ufo) of Elizabeth Hancock back on the stitching stand.  Finally the other day I loaded her on the stand and have been working a bit on the lettering.  I'd forgotten just how much I enjoy working with the silks!

We're enjoying a bit of cooler weather here and I plan to make a pot of chili (and maybe some cornbread) for tonight's dinner.

Happy stitching!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday Progress, Stitcher's ADD, and Inauguration Day

This week, I've been working on LHN's Adam and Eve.  I've had it kitted up with floss for a while and finally started it.

  I discovered I'm missing one of the overdyed flosses (I probably "borrowed" it for another project) so decided to order it online.  Since I didn't want to pay postage for just one skein of floss, I decided to order something else.  I remembered that I'd been wanting to order fabric for LHN's Sheep Virtues so I debated with myself (again!) whether I wanted to stitch them on one piece of fabric or individually.  I ordered a big enough piece of fabric to do it either way (either all on one or 6 of them individually) so I deferred that decision.  (I'm leaning toward doing them individually and finishing them with Vonna's (The Twisted Stitcher) technique after watching her tutorial again.

Then...I saw one of the CCN designs that I wanted was on sale so I ordered that one too.

(I still want to order overdyes for a couple other projects.)

(I also want to stitch stockings for my grandbaby, daugher, and son-in-law and am still deciding which ones.)

It looks like I'll be busy stitching in 2017 without even pre-planning.

Back to Adam and Eve...One of my groups is doing an alphabetical sal project this year.  This month is ABC, so I decided Adam and Eve would work for it.  A LHN group is doing a Monday sal of LHN designs so it works for that too.

That same group is doing a sal of the current freebie at the Cross-Eyed Cricket website annnnnd another group is doing a CEC mitten sal this year so another two-fer.  I'm a little unhappy with the tension on some of the thumb so I may frog it out and restitch.

As an American, whomever we supported for President, we have to be humbled and grateful at our ability to transfer the power peacefully.  I pray for our leaders, our country, and our world as we go through this transition.  No matter who the leaders are, we individual citizens can make positive impacts on the world by treating one another with respect and compassion.  With all the bitterness expressed lately, I truly hope we can all improve on that.

Happy stitching!