I only stitch on days that end in "y".

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Lucy Redd Progress

Most of my stitching time is devoted to a model but I sneak in some stitches on Lucy Redd (Homespun Elegance) from time to time.  I started Lucy in 2017, put her away for a while, and then pulled her out again late in 2018.  I'm enjoying working on her better now (than when I first started her) for some reason.  She's stitched over 2 on 36 ct. Wichelt lambswool linen and I'm using one thread (DMC as called for by the designer).  I'm looking forward to working on the buildings.

I also stitched a small Valentine's Day project (even finished it on Feb. 14)...HIH Collectors' Heart 2005.

Happy stitching!

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Our Christmas, Lucy Redd and New Model

Happy New Year!

We had a wonderful Christmas with all 4 of our kids (5 counting our SIL) and our granddaughter here in our house for Christmas.  They all came and went different days so we had someone here from a few days before Christmas to Jan 2 for the last bunch to leave.

I had a good excuse to "cook big" a few times not to mention all the baking.  Besides the hundreds of cookies, I must have baked 6-7 pies.  I usually don't bake lemon meringue for Christmas but when I realized DH and the kids weren't kidding when they asked where the LM pie was, I baked one that they devoured in record time and then baked another to replace that one.  I've learned my lesson to always have a LM pie around when they're here. 

It was so fun!  Our kids live all over so we were enjoying it not knowing when this opportunity will arise again.  We even got a chance to have our granddaughter to ourselves while DD and DSIL spent a few days in Austin by themselves.

As much fun as we had, it's also nice to get back to (our version of) normal too.  Christmas decorations are all packed away and  I'm back to stitching, working on Lucy Redd sampler (Homespun Elegance)....

...and I started another model.  (I had just sent out a model I completed before the holidays too.)

My arm is still recovering (I've developed some shoulder weakness, pain (aching), and slight decrease in range of motion from it being used less when my wrist was out of commission.  I'm working on it.) but, every once in a while, I think of how much better and more functional I am than when I started this journey.  I also remember, during the worst of it, how I wondered if I'd ever be able to stitch as much as I did before the injury.  I'm thankful to be doing this well and hope to be doing even better as time goes on.

Happy stitching!

Monday, December 17, 2018

Merry Christmas!

Things are certainly starting to get busy around here.  All our children and grandchild will be here for Christmas, the first time we've all been here since I can remember.  I'm really looking forward to it.

Our church choir sang our "cantata" last night.  It was themed like a Moravian Love Feast which I knew little about, so it was a learning experience.  I had the little solo as the leader of the song Morning Star.  Many of us also baked the traditional rolls that are passed out during the "feast".

Today is the first afternoon of another group's caroling tour of area nursing homes.  We do it again on Wednesday.

In between I'm trying to get things done around the house, making grocery  lists and menus, and baking cookies.  My husband is enjoying baking lately and he's already made some biscotti, pizzelles, and today, rustic nut bars.

I'm also trying to fit in a few stitches on Lucy Redd (Homespun Elegance) as I finished the model I was stitching.

I'll close with a few food, my progress on Lucy, and Christmas stitching I've done over the years.

Merry Christmas!

Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Model Release....Little House Needleworks Sugar and Spice

Diane (of Little House Needleworks) released a model I stitched for her.  My friend Vonna (The Twisted Stitcher) finished it into a cute pillow.

Sugar and Spice

Happy Stitching!

Saturday, November 17, 2018

My November...So Far

We started out the month by going to the UT/WVU game with a friend.  (She and friends/family have had a block of  tickets for 20 years and for the last few years has been offering us a game or two of tickets when someone in the group can't attend.  They're great tickets...on the 50 yard line and on rows 1 and 2 on the home side near the players' bench.)  We had a great time but the Longhorns lost by one point at the very end of the game.  (I ran into a couple of WVU fans the next day and we  talked about how that game was close throughout the whole game.)

Before the game we visited with our son and the following day we had brunch with both of our Austin sons before heading home.

The next day I boarded a flight to Ohio where I first visited my parents.  Did you know that you can fly with frozen soup and pizza?  One reason I love flying Southwest is that I can check 2 free bags.  I often fly with food (or books/clothes/toys for our granddaughter when we visit here and fly back with extra stuff on the way home).  While visiting my parents I roasted a chicken and veggies, made soup from the leftovers, made chili, and baked chocolate chip cookies with my Mom.  I left with them with a full freezer.

(My Dad loves DH's pizza!  The minute he heard that I brought some...and after they'd already eaten dinner...he insisted that we heat a couple of slices and they both ate pizza.)

Next, I met my friend at the airport after turning in my rental car and we drove up to Berlin, OH (in the heart of Ohio's Amish Country) for Camp Gottastitch.  It was a weekend filled with fun, friends, good food (I love the Amish-baked cinnamon rolls at the Berlin Grande Hotel where we stayed and the pie at  the Amish buffet restaurant next door.  As you might guess, I need to step up my walking after all that food!)

It was so much fun seeing old and new friends there.  My internet buddy (or as my husband calls my internet friends, "Axe Murderers") Vonna (aka The Twisted Stitcher) was there too.  I'd known her for several years online but this was the first time we met "in real life".  She is the real deal!  I also met another friend for the first time ever who lives in Central OH.  My new stitching buddy brought her framed "All Creatures Great and Small" for a show and tell.   OMG!  She stitched it over one on 40 count.  It's gorgeous!  I've had that one kitted up with the floss shortly after it was released and for some reason haven't gotten around to stitching it.  I think I'll try braving stitching it over one on 36 count bc I know I probably can't see the 40 count.

  We all plan to attend camp again next year and already I can't wait.

I'm still finishing up a model but, of course, couldn't work on it around all those stitchers.  I took several projects with me including Lucy Redd by Homespun Elegance.  I wasn't sure I could see well enough there to stitch on 36 count but it worked out great.  I stitched a good bit of the lettering.  I'd already started it with 2 strands but I tried a bit with one strand and like it there will be some frogging of the 2 strand section so I can stitch it again with one strand.

Oh!  ...and I got to see snow (flurries with just a little accumulation in patches on the grass and on top of parked cars).  I was a lot more excited about it (living in Texas) that the Midwest ladies for some reason.

Next we move on to Thanksgiving.  I went for the "big shop" at the grocery store yesterday and have been scurrying around meal planning and getting some things in the house done.  Our 2 Austin sons will be here for Thanksgiving and we've all been "consulting" on the food plans.  (They've offered to help bake/cook.)

I hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving and is able to spend some quality time with loved ones.

Happy stitching!

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Salem Remembered and Some Family Time

I'm mostly model stitching lately (so no picture of that one) but I'm also working a bit on Salem Remembered by Primitive Needle.

We recently visited our daughter's family and then traveled with her and our granddaughter to visit our oldest son who recently moved to Colorado.  While we were there we woke up one morning to 6 inches of snow.  How fun for all of us, especially our granddaughter! 

OK...back to model stitching now.

Happy stitching!

Monday, October 1, 2018

CCN Bless Our Home Finished!

I had about half this one done and intended to finish it while I was in HI but breaking my wrist/surgery at the beginning of that trip derailed that plan.

I'm happy that I finished it last Saturday.

Without further ado:

I changed some of the colors to suit me.

I'm model stitching during the weekdays (nights) but have been doing personal stitching during the weekdays (nights).  For my personal piece, I (finally) started Primitive Needle's Salem Remembered.  A stitching buddy of mine was nice enough to loan it to me.  It calls for 40 ct. fabric but my eyes probably wouldn't allow for that so I'm using 36 count lambswool linen and the called for silks.

Honeybee, thank you for your kind comments about my header picture.  Believe it or not, I stitched all 4 seasons from that leaflet....for my sister.  I kept telling myself I'd stitch fall again for me to keep but never got around to it...yet.  (It reminds us of our late grandma who baked the best apple pies.  She'd often bake a pie for friends, families, and neighbors who were going through illnesses or other bad times.  I called it her "apple pie ministry".)

Happy stitching!