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Thursday, July 26, 2018

My Unplanned Stitching Hiatus

I've just returned from spending a month in Hawaii.  The plan was that I'd stay with my sister's family on Oahu and help with summer child care.  DH an I thought it would be a great idea for him to come for the beginning of the trip and for us to visit Kauai.  It WAS a great idea until I slipped and fell on a muddy trail and fractured my left wrist...both bones.

 DH splinted my arm/hand and we hiked out.  Driving down the road at Waimea Canyon, I googled for nearby hospitals and there was one at the bottom of the road.  From its appearance, I wasn't sure about it but the next nearest hospital was at least 45 minutes away.  I told myself we'd try it and if I didn't feel good about it that we'd leave and drive to the next one.

Appearances can be deceiving!  I got the best nurse and doc there!  The doc did a closed reduction but told me I should see an orthopedic doc soon (That hospital didn't have one.) and I'd likely need surgery since it's my dominant hand.  We finished out time on Kauai after making an appointment with an ortho doc on Oahu.

These kinds of things probably happen frequently in HI so there are some great docs there.  Unfortunately, there can be long waits for appointments.  Lucky for me but unlucky for her, my sister-in-law had fractured her arm 6-8 weeks before I did.  While I worked the phones, she was seeing her ortho doc for a follow-up appointment.  According to the doc, she wouldn't stop talking about me until he promised to see he did.  I saw him the day we flew back to Oahu from Kauai and he did my surgery the next day.

I can't say enough good things about both the docs I saw, the nurses, and the surgical center staff!

Sister-in-law also paved the way for my initial PT there the last week I was there.  I joke with her now that all one has to do on the whole island of Oahu is to mention her name and doors open.

While there I arranged appointments at home with a doc and PT.  (My first PT session here is this afternoon although the treatment room here won't overlook the ocean like the one in HI did.)

I also experienced many incidents of the kindness of strangers, or as the residents there like to say, the Aloha spirit.

I altered my HI plans a bit but still managed to help with the kids.  (Luckily they aren't babies/toddlers.)  No swimming, paddle boarding, sailing, or more hiking but lots of beautiful beach walks, hanging out with my HI family, and also with my aunt/uncle/cousins while they were vacationing there.

Kauai is gorgeous!  We plan a do-over someday with some hiking...just maybe not on that same trail.

I have a lot of rehab to do but I'm hoping to be able to pick up a needle soon.

Happy stitching!