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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Post Labor Day Update

As you can see, I'm challenged by titling this post, so there you have it.  lol!

I hope you all enjoyed your long Labor Day weekend.  DH and I expected a quiet one.  We got a few things done around the house and watched a couple of movies.  On Sunday afternoon, we drove to Houston and "hung out" in Rice Village where we had lunch and browsed in a bookstore then went to Central Market and bought some "foodie" goodies.  When we arrived back home, we received an invitation to join some friends for a Labor Day pot luck (it's still way too hot to want to have a picnic!) so yesterday I made a big batch of potato salad and some Texas sheet cake for my contribution.  It was fun getting together with everyone.

We got up early yesterday to take a walk and saw a coral snake on the track.  It's only the second coral snake I've seen in the wild and both of them were on that walking track...even close to the same place on the track.  He didn't seem to be too bothered by our presence;  we didn't hang around very long to give him a chance to change his mind.

I finished and mailed off the model and finished and mailed off the donation quilt square so now I can get back to stitching my own stuff.  Here's the quilt square (HIH Wee Vegetables):

I picked up an old wip/ufo of Hinzeit's Sweet Land of Liberty to work on.  I'll also work on LHN's My Dwelling Place.


Pumpkin said...

Uuuuuuu, can't wait to see what you model stitched :)

Cute finish for the quilt square.

Shari said...

the veggies are cute!!!! I have been thinking about you & your empty nest & wondering how it is going! We have adjusted to it, since it has been a couple years now!

Rita said...

lol! I wish I could show you the model. It's really cute!

Shari, we're adjusting ok. I half expect T to walk in the door. He's adjusting well to college life.

cucki said...

Sweet finish..
Hugs x