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Saturday, September 21, 2013

CHS 2000 Christmas Sampler

It's been a quiet week so I've been stitching on Carriage House Samplings 2000 Christmas Sampler.  I took the above picture Friday but since then have finished the left side border, frogged and restitched part of the tree on the left, stitched the red in the trees that needed it, and stitched the flowers on the top border.  I'm definitely on the home stretch on this one.  I'm pretty sure I don't have enough color to fill in the top border so I ordered another skein of NPI.  I just hope it's close with the dye lot.

Speaking of NPI silks, this is probably the first time I've used them for a whole project.  I really like them;  they're very pretty and feel so luxurious.

Hopefully next week, I'll be posting the finished picture of this one.

I've made friends with stitching on the black aida...I don't even need the white towel on my lap now.  I'm thinking maybe someday I'll even try again stitching on some black linen or evenweave.  Perhaps by mounting it on stretcher bars on my floor stand might help with seeing the holes to stitch. ( When I tried it with the qsnaps, my hands got in the way of the light coming through from the back.)

I'm pleased with how this is turning out and thankful for the stitcher who generously loaned me the leaflet since I couldn't find it anywhere to buy.

We're still adjusting to empty nest.  I've started meeting with a small group of "old" band parents (including the retired band director) for coffee on Friday mornings.  A friend of mine who spent the summer in Canada with her college aged DD's is back in Texas and we met for lunch on Wednesday.

Happy stitching!



Barb said...

What a lovely start!

cucki said...

Wow looking so cute x

Andrea said...

Lovely stitching. Love the black. I think if you can stitch on black fabric, it is a dramatic look. I'm definitely a convert.

Shari said...

very pretty Rita! You made great progress even since the picture! WOW!!!
It is hard adjusting to empty nest, isn't it??? But, you do adjust & learn to find things to do again as a couple!!!

Rita said...

Thank you!

wilma b said...

Looking great. I have done some small pieces on black and navy, but can't really say I'm crazy about it, lol

Carol said...

Such a great piece, Rita--it looks fabulous on the black!