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Monday, September 16, 2013

Keep Austin Weird

We did our best to try to help out the Longhorns in their game last Saturday by sitting on the 50 yard line right behind the team.  Unfortunately our efforts didn't help.  Aside from that ugly game (and the drunk, rude Ole Miss fans sitting behind us), we had a great time being there.  Their band was really good!

  My first love is the team of the OSU Buckeyes and at least they won their game.

We got to see our 2 UT student sons and deliver "provisions" (including home-baked chocolate chip cookies and banana bread).

Here's my wip progress for last week:

One of the Prairie Schooler Woodland Santas:

CHS 2000 Christmas Sampler (I'm not comfortable stitching on black but it's coming along.)

LHN My Dwelling Place.  (Technically it's finished but I don't like the color of the leaves from my skein of that color so I'll rip it out and try again with another green.)

Happy stitching!


cucki said...

Wow beautiful stitchy stunning..
Glad you had a fun time..
Hugs x

Bernice Geroulis said...

Your stitching is so pretty