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Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday WIP Progress Report

I finished and sent off (and got word that it was received--Yay!) the CCN model so I got to stitch on some of my wips this week.

First off is a ufo/wip (just picked it up again recently) of Hinzeit's Sweet Land of Liberty.  I love patriotic themed pieces especially patriotic samplers.  For me this qualifies as a bap too.  I found out that I stitched a bit 1/2 stitch off vertically so I'll have some frogging to do on this one.  I just wanted to enjoy stitching this a bit first so worked some more on the border and the branch on the left side.

I also worked a bit on LHN's My Dwelling Place.  (Wow! that's a lot of grass!)  I don't think I'll put the date in the little banner because I'm not sure what date to year, one of the houses where we've lived, ????  I think instead, I'll center the lettering and maybe put some motif on either side of it.  I'll see when I get that far.

I'm itching to start something with a fall or Halloween theme.  For years I've wanted to stitch a little BOAF freebie of a cat wearing a pumpkin suit so this may be the year.  I'll order some purple fabric for it if I decide to go with that one.

Happy stitching!


cucki said...

Beautiful projects and very sweet stitching.
Hugs x

Monica said...

Looking good! They are coming along very nicely!

Deb said...

Too bad about the frogs. They look beautiful!