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Monday, August 26, 2013


Last Friday we just moved our "baby" into his dorm room at University of Texas.  After having children under our roof for 32 years, we're officially empty nesters now.  I know-that's longer than many parents have children under their roof-- but how did this happen so fast?!

We're in "getting used to this" mode now.  I keep thinking Tony will walk in the door at any time.  lol!  I'll have to adjust from cooking large quantities to cooking for 2.  Etc., etc., etc.  (I won't mind doing less laundry.)

Our son (who just defended his PhD thesis last week) just landed in Denmark this morning.  He's checking out some post-doc fellowship opportunities.  (I guess I should renew my passport.)

Big changes all at once!

On the stitching front, I'm on the home stretch of a model and hope to finish it this week.  It's a cute one!

I also stitched a bit on a (donation) quilt square, HIH Wee Vegetables and here's my progress on that:

While in Austin I had a mini LNS fix.  Ginger's has closed but there's a nice needlework shop not too far from campus that carries a lot of the same threads we cross stitchers use.  Unfortunately I had lots of Crescent Color cottons on my list and they don't carry that I came home with only a few WDWs.

We finally have some rain today.  A sign that I just might be addicted to my morning walk...even though it was raining lightly, I decided to give it a go today. Shortly after I started, it started pouring.  I had my umbrella, so I walked the first loop before giving it up.  It's been raining off and on all day so far.  We really need it!

Happy stitching!


Kaisievic said...

Congratulations on this next phase of your life. It should be very exciting.

Mouse said...

oooo hope things settle down and you get used to smaller portions
well done to DS too :)
nice that you got a LNS fix as well :) and good for you walking in the rain :) love mouse xxxxx

wilma b said...

You had children in the house a lot longer than we did for sure.

Don't change you cooking habits too much...just freeze the leftovers, or have them a night or two later. Cook once, eat twice, that's my motto!

cucki said...

Well done to dear DS.
Sending you hugs and love x

Rita said...

Thanks, everyone!

Wilma, that's my plan. I figure why go to the trouble of cooking for only a couple of servings when I can just cook like usual and freeze for later.

Joyce Clark Frank said...

Cong to both of your boys. Know you are proud of them.
Good luck on cooking for only 2.
Enjoy your walks. Yes, the rain has been a welcome here.