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Friday, January 17, 2014

Happy Friday!

We've actually had a rather boring uneventful week which is just fine with us.  Last Saturday we returned our DS to Austin (first day back at UT was Monday).  Our older DS caught a ride back the previous Wednesday with his roomie. So...we're back to empty nest again.

I finally packed up a stowed all the Christmas decorations.  Yay!  (Well, except for a few things that are DH's "department" and I'll encourage/help him with those this weekend.)  It feels good!

I decided to try to finish up some wips this year.  The first one I picked up was "Betsy's House" by Plum Street Samplers:

I'm also working on a PS freebie called "Welcome Home" for an exchange block:

I'm also excited to see that Diane of Little House Needleworks released a design for which I was the model stitcher.  It's called "Hands to Work".  I thoroughly enjoyed stitching this much so that I was almost sad when it was finished.  For sure I'll be stitching it again for me.

We've had some cool enough weather this past week that I claimed a couple of "soup weather" days.  One day I made some homemade vegetable soup (I don't really have a recipe bc I made it up...and it can be different every time.  I used to call it "garbage soup" bc I'd make it on Fridays and put in all the little dabs of leftover veggies from that week.)  I made a big batch and kept out some of the leftovers and froze the rest for later.

I also tried a new recipe for Cheesy Broccoli Potato Soup which DH and I both loved.  What's even better is that it was easy peasy to make and doesn't call for any "exotic" ingredients (many of which I already had on hand.  I love a well-stocked pantry and freezer!) .  Yum!  I'll definitely be making this one again.

We have a neighborhood association annual meeting/get-together tonight for which I'll be baking some Texas Sheet Cake and some cheese breads.  While the oven's hot, I may bake something else to freeze for our use later.  I'm thinking maybe a pound cake that I'll divide into 4 "hunks".  (I'd like to stock up the freezer for those too-hot-to turn-on-the oven days that will be here soon enough.)

Until next time.....

Happy stitching!



Love the stitching, and the soup looks yummy, especially here in Illinois where it is soooo cold. Have you ever made a White Texas Sheetcake with cream cheese icing?

Barb said...

I love your WIPS. I have the Betsy one in my chart collection.

Rita said...


No, Susie but it sounds wonderful. Would you mind sharing the recipe?

I think I have a recipe somewhere for a peanut butter Texas sheet cake too.

Andrea said...

Lovely progress on your 2 projects.