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Friday, January 10, 2014

Getting back to normal

I've taken down the Christmas decorations (although I still need to pack them all away--it's like a puzzle to me getting everything in their little boxes and then fitting them into the bins).  I'll do that next week when I'm here by myself.

One DS has returned to his college apartment.  The other one goes back tomorrow.

DH's care was indeed totalled and we bought him a replacement car last week.  He liked his old one so his new one is just a newer version.  It has a back-up camera, blue tooth (for the phone), and a little plug-in for an mp3 player.  We weren't thinking of it while choosing which color car but DS asked why, when 3 of our sons have attended University of Texas, we chose a maroon car (the color of Texas A+M).  I told him just to squint while looking at it and imagine that it's really scarlet for (The) Ohio State University (my alma mater).

I've been stitching a bit too and managed to finish 2 small LHN designs:

Seven Pines (I stitched this for a snowman themed exchange block.)

Happy Skater (from a JCS ornament issue)

There's a group doing a sal of an ornament each month this year so I'm going to try to keep up.

I also started another small piece, a little bagpiper guy that I was going to stitch for DD's (Scottish) bf, but I ran out of time before Christmas.  If they're still together next year, I'll be all set.  No picture yet but hopefully I'll have it finished next week.

One DS requested that I make "chicken cobbler" for dinner one night.  It's a recipe from Ina Garten and very popular in this household.  Here's the recipe:

.....and here's a picture of my version:

Until next time......

Happy stitching!!


Brigitte said...

Two sweet little ornaments.

Carol said...

Love them both, Rita!! Looks like a great recipe--will check it out for when my guys come over for their weekly Sunday dinner :)

Kaisievic said...

Two gorgeous finishes, Rita and that Chicken Cobbler look yummy. Here in Australia we would call that a scone topping.

Andrea said...

Lovely ornaments. The seven pines one is on my never-ending list!