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Friday, October 4, 2013

2 Finishes and some wips!

As I'd hoped, I finished the CHS 2000 Christmas Sampler.  I love this one!  I finally made peace with stitching on the black aida...and now wonder if I could see the holes on black linen.  Someday I'll try.  Rather than letting this "properly age" (like a fine wine) in the drawer, I hope/plan to have it framed for this Christmas.

For the last few years, I've been wanting to stitch an old BOAF freebie (Halloween Cat?  I'm too lazy to go look at it to be sure of the name but it's something like that..)  As my readers know, until this year I've been incredibly busy volunteering with the band so I never quite got around to stitching it.  FINALLY I got together the needed floss and some purple fabric and stitched this cute little guy.  (I bought enough fabric to stitch another one in case I get involved in another block exchange where this will work.)

I also made a little progress on Hinzeit's Sweet Land of Liberty.  This is turning out to be a long-term wip.  I can remember a visit to a now-closed LNS in Berlin, Ohio ("Amish Country").  DH was with me and I saw this stitched model while walking out the door after making some purchases.  I immediately sighed, turned around, and bought this design.  I'm so glad I did!  A few years later, I sang a patriotic cantata entitled "Sweet Land of Liberty" in a community group on the first anniversary of 9-11.  This piece will remind me of that.

Lastly, I made some more progress on one of the PS Woodland Santas.  This will make the third (out of 4) designs I've stitched from that leaflet.  I'll probably stitch the 4th one sometime as well.

On the empty nest front, I'm way busier than I thought I'd be, getting some things done around the house, singing in the church choir, daily fitness walks, going to Friday morning coffees, etc.  Last night we attended a community production of "Kiss and Tell".  A band mom friend and a couple of "my" band kids were in it.  Another of my band kids was in the audience.  For some reason, last year he started giving me a "high five" every time I saw him at band.  That practice continues to this day because I got another one from him last night.  :-)

Our "baby" and possibly our other college son will be home next week so there will be some cooking and baking happening here.  Our oldest DS is definitely moving to Denmark and may be spending up to a couple of weeks here before he moves.

Happy stitching!


cucki said...

Beautiful finishes and very sweet new start..
Hugs x

Miss LindaLee said...

You have really been stitching up a storm girlfriend! Look at all those great pieces. Excellent stitching. Sounds like you're still keeping yourself busy with the kids gone and all. We found that we say "Yes" far too often and we tend to run out of time just for ourselves. So please keep that in mind.

Carol said...

Love your finishes and that little guy on the purple fabric is adorable :)

Andrea said...

Your finishes are wonderful. The piece on the black fabric is just stunning.

Cheshire Qat said...

Hi! I love the little BOAF cat on the purple fabric. I have heard this one was a freebie - could you please tell ne where you found it? I've been looking forever. Thanks!