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Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday again!

Well,  2 of our sons have been here and returned to Austin.  Their older brother arrived in the wee am hours Wednesday am.  He brought the rest of his worldly possessions here after selling off or giving away his furniture, bike, etc.  He won't be taking much with him when he moves to Denmark bc it doesn't make economical sense to ship them.  What he doesn't take, we'll store for him here.

Our poor dog is confused.  He was happy to see our college students when they were here and then was looking for them after they left.  Just after he'd calmed down, our other son arrived.  Poor pooch!

The visa application is moving right along.  DS went to the Danish consulate (or whatever it's officially called) in Houston yesterday and finished what he could on this end.  He's now awaiting his stuff to be sent to Denmark and for them to email him a temporary visa which he will complete with a Danish address once he moves over there.  It should take about 10 days but the timing isn't etched in stone for him to be able to make his flight arrangements yet.  This is an interesting experience for all of us.  (Luckily he was dealing with the Danish government so the partial shut down of the USA government didn't affect him at all.)

It's cooled off here a little bit which makes my am walks so much more comfortable.  If only the ragweed pollen would go away.  Sigh....there's always something to complain about.

On the stitching front:

A small finish (a freebie from

(scroll down if you want to snag the design.)

A bit of progress on PS Woodland Santa

And I worked a bit on a several-year-old wip:

Happy stitching!


Julie said...

Sounds like fun! I'm happy you have this time with him before he moves to Denmark. Glad you had time with the other boys too! I love your pumpkin, he looks so friendly:) Your other WIPS are coming along nicely. Have a great weekend!

cucki said...

Aww very sweet wips :) they all looking so good..
Sending you big hugs x

Joyce Clark Frank said...

Know you enjoyed your boys this week. Yes, our weather is really nice and what a great moon last night. Love all your stitching.

Rita said...

Thanks! Joyce, I just wish I could be outside more now to enjoy the cooler weather (and the moon).

Ragweed pollen is just about at its peak now. My eyes are SO itchy!

Louise said...

How wonderful to have some time with your sons! As you know before everyone else , our sailor son surprised us at our front door!! We have a whole week with him. I am so excited!! I know the happiness you feel :) your stitcheries are beautiful! I especially love woodland Santa!!

Deb said...

Great that you have time with family! Your WIP'S look wonderful. Love the sampler!