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Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday progress report and not-so-empty nest

I worked a bit on the following this week:

PS Woodland Santa (on the home stretch now):

HIH Wee Pilgrim (an oldie but goodie):

Lastly...I was digging in my wip pile looking for a CEC fall piece.  I didn't find it yet but I found this one:  Homespun Elegance Fall House Sampler.  I just have to stitch the viney things on the lampost and then find a jack-o-lantern button to finish this one.

Last Sunday we drove to Houston for a Greek Festival.  We loved the food and the traditional dancing.

Our college boys will be home for the weekend so as soon as I get off the computer, I'm heading to the kitchen to bake off some chocolate chip cookie dough, make an apple pie, and make some chili.  I'm hoping we can go to the homecoming game tonight at least to see the band at half time.  (I haven't seen their show yet.)  

Our older son has been planning to stay with us until he moves to Denmark for his post doc fellowship and we were hoping he be able to be here this weekend.  However he won't be here until next Tuesday bc of issues getting his visa application done to a certain point.  I'm hoping he and I can drive to Austin while he's here so he can see his brothers before he moves.

I'm thinking of doing a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning.  One can either walk or run the 5K course.  I can easily walk it but am thinking of trying to run at least part of it.  One of my sons is interested it doing it too so I'm hoping to be able to run part with him before I have to walk.  So this week, I've been interspersing my morning walks with running short distances.  I'm hoping by the time of the "race" that I can run enough so that I don't embarrass myself.  lol!  

Happy stitching!


cucki said...

Beautiful stitching
All your projects are so sweet
Hugs x

Bernice Geroulis said...

beautiful stitching hope you have a great fun on your run

Andrea said...

All your WIPs look wonderful.

Renee said...

Great stitching projects!!!!!

Rita said...

Thank you, everyone!