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Friday, June 21, 2013

Quiet Week

We're enjoying a quiet week...and DS is starting to act bored.

DH and I celebrated our anniversary Monday by going out to eat.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.  Unfortunately, even though we've eaten at this place many times before with no problems, the service that night was TERRIBLE...from waiting way to long for orders to be taken, food delivered (and incorrectly--the ceasar salad had no dressing), and waiting so long for the waitress to take up our check.  DH is very easygoing and never does this....but it was so bad that he left a tiny tip this time.  We're hoping that was just a bad night but we'll think long and hard before going there again.

It's been really hot and humid here in SE TX but I managed to drag myself out every weekday morning for my fitness walks.  That shower afterwards sure feels good after getting all sweaty!

I got to stitch some more this week.  I'm awaiting an order from 123 Stitch including Betsy's House and also the materials needed to stitch an old Carriage House Samplings pattern I borrowed.  In the meantime I stitched part of Prairie Schooler's July for an exchange block.

I also worked a bit on my LK Fat Guys and Snow Belles project, working on the Snow House block.  (I have a theory that if I'm thinking about snow, it may help me think it's not quite so hot.)  The lighting for this picture isn't great but you get the idea.

I also pulled out my wip of One Nation (ByGone Stitches) to work on for a bit.  It had been so long since I worked on this one that I'd forgotten that it's stitched with one strand on 36 count.

Nikki released a design that I model stitched for her, Stars and Stripes.  This was a fun one to stitch and so cute!

You can see it all framed up on her website here:

Country Cottage Needleworks

On the cooking front...I've been seeing banana pudding recipes posted a lot lately on Facebook and it's made me want some.  So, I looked up a recipe online and made some today.  I don't remember the last time I'd had some but I don't remember a meringue on top, but that's what this recipe called for.  It was really good but I think next time I'll just stick to making the pudding and skip the meringue.  (You know, the way we eat things like that as a child is the "right" way.  Besides, it was INSANE to have the oven on when it's this hot.  lol!)

Until next time.....

Happy stitching!


sharine said...

Happy Anniversary! Great stitching:)

cucki said...

Happy anniversary..sweet stitches.
Love xxx

Kaisievic said...

Love all of your stitcheries - so many beautiful ones, so hard to choose my favourite. Happy Anniversary, too.

Mouse said...

happy anniversary ... sorry the meal wasn't good ... lovely stitches and oooooooo that pie looks soooo yummy with the meringue on top .... love mouse xxxxx

wilma b said...

great stitching...and yes, the dessert looks yummy!

Melinda said...

On my last trip to my LNS - I purchased PS July - so happy to see it stitched on your blog. Also Stars and Stripes has been added to my Must Have List - I love Red White and Blue Stitching

Shari said...

Happy Belated sorry it wasn't up to par food wise. Ours was the day before yours & the place we ate was great, but the weather man totally messed us up....
you have gotten a lot of stitching done & it all looks great!!!!