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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Actually stitched!

Graduation weekend was a whirlwind!  It was great having all the "kids" under one roof, even if it was for such a short time.  Sunday started what felt like Grand Central Station around here.  T left for orientation, DH left for a business trip, and 2 of our kids flew back to their homes.  I spent a few days in Austin (drove that college student back) while  youngest DS was at his college orientation.  (He's "pumped" after attending this and looking forward to starting in the fall.  His older sibs told him to always take advantage of free food and t-shirts whenever the opportunity arose and he managed to take advantage of both this trip.)

Almost every time I drove somewhere in Austin, I took the "scenic route" (got lost.)  I hate Austin traffic, especially 35!

Gingers has been closed for a while now but I visited a needlepoint shop:


While I don't do needlepoint (other than trying out simple pieces years ago), they have loads of beautiful canvases and models.  Since they also carry some of the same specialty flosses we cross stitchers use, I bought a few while I was there.

I started a new sampler called "True Virtue".  I bought it off ebay;  it is from an unknown magazine but appears to be from one of the JCS publications.  Since I have all the JCS magazines and don't remember seeing it, I'm thinking it may be from one of the SANQ issues that I don't have.

Don't faint but I also worked a bit on my LK "Guys and Gals" snow people sal.  My intention is to put it back in rotation and I'm hoping that stitching on it during the summer might trick me into thinking I'm cool.  Yeah, right!

I also signed up for a block exchange in one of my groups, chose something to stitch, and started it yesterday.  Since it's due soon, I think that will take priority until it's finished but it won't take long.  No picture for this one yet.

So far the "lazy days of summer" haven't happened...I wonder if they ever will be.  The house has been neglected so I decided I should start decluttering/reorganizing.  I also have 4 years of band pictures to look at online and pick out the ones I want to buy.  (Since I worked so much with the kids, I didn't take many pictures.  The band photographer takes better pictures anyway.)  We're also planning a trip "home" to visit our parents/family up there.  I'd love to take a "just because" trip somewhere fun but haven't had time to think about it yet....something relaxing.  We'll see.

Happy stitching!


cucki said...

Beautiful stitching like always..
Big hugs x

Denise said...

Every stitch counts! And house decluttering...something that never ends! Keep cool!

Vicky L said...

Beautiful stitching! Good luck with the de-cluttering.