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Sunday, July 7, 2013

I'm still here

My poor, little blog has been neglected as of late.

So has my stitching.... but for a good reason.  We spent about a week traveling "back home", visiting family and friends and attending my 40 year class reunion.  (Can we REALLY be that old?!)

I hadn't been to a reunion in a long time so it was great reconnecting with people.

In addition to visiting my parents, my sister and her kids (who live in HI) were visiting at the same time.

We also spent an afternoon at what used to be my late Grandparents' farm (currently owned by my aunt and uncle).  It's a second home for them and they've been making lots of changes.  That day the project was building an arbor so my dad and DH helped my uncle.

Next it was on to Pittsburgh to visit with DH's family.  His sister and her DH sure fed us well.  We also got to visit with another of DH's sisters, their cousin, and DH's mother.

I'm allergic to my SIL's cats so spent a good time on her porch one day (enjoying their beautiful weather!).  While I was working on CCN's Red, White, and Bloom, I remembered that I was working on that one the last time we visited there 2 years ago.  lol!  I guess I should finish that one before our next visit which is very possible since I just have some little, piddly things to finish on this one.  It's a terrible picture...the fabric is really a light tan/brown color.

Next, it was back to Columbus, OH where we visited with a good friend and her family, watching Red, White, and Boom at her DH's work building downtown.  We were so close that some of the cardboard from the fireworks rained down on us.  So much fun!  We stayed afterwards in the lobby while the traffic had a chance to die down before going back to the airport motel.

After flying home to Texas, we watched fireworks again here on July 4th, then went to a going away party the next night.  We were quite the party animals for a few days.

We also rented and watched 2 Halle Berry movies since coming home, The Call (loved it) and Cloud Atlas (strange---didn't love it).

'Til next time!

Happy Stitching!


Kaisievic said...

You have been busy - sounds like you had a really good time and Red, White and Bloom looks lovely.

Mouse said...

nice to see you on the front row ... and great you have been seeing the family etc and yes think it is time to get that one finished ... I have that one to do yet soo you should have it done before i get round to it ... love the firework shot too :) love mouse xxxxx

Joyce Clark Frank said...

Great trip and it is always fun to visit family and friends. Your classmates look good, gee 40 years.
We just celebrated our 55th high school reunion.

cucki said...

Wow so nice to see such sweet pictures ..
Glad you had so much fun.,
Big hugs x