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Monday, June 3, 2013

Long Time, No See

It's been so busy around here with DS's approaching HS graduation that I've been neglecting my poor blog.

There's not been to much stitching going on around here either although I did finish another model for LHN  (top secret) and also a little fruit themed exchange block for one of my groups.  This came from the LHN design fruit bowls:

Some of the recent activities were 2 piano recitals (one was DS's senior recital):

His last Band-o-Rama followed by his last drum line performance:

(That's him on timpani.)

(After this night, it started to "hit him" that, despite being so excited to move on to college, that he'll really miss many of his friends as they scatter off in different directions.  His group of percussion was like a little close-knit family.)

His last band banquet:

Senior Honors Night where he was awarded with a couple of scholarships and picked up his honor cords (from the local college for excelling in dual credit courses and his summa cum laude cord from the HS):

Yesterday was graduating seniors' day at our church and he played Claire de Lune (Debussy) during the service.  Many people graciously complimented him afterwards.  The pastor was blown away by the fact that he plays it from memory instead of having the music in front of him.

His graduation is this coming Friday.  Our older "kids" start arriving tomorrow night and it will be nice having everyone together to celebrate.

We are blessed!

Happy stitching!



Melinda said...

What a great Kid.. You have many reasons to say you are an awesome MOM!!!!

Thank you for sharing all the good stuff..

cucki said...

Wow such a great kid..
Lots of love for you all x

Mouse said...

congratulations to your DH and well done on getting the scholarships too and wish I could have heard him play ... love Claire de Lune .... at least I know if I need a pianist to play for me when I sing to bob over there hehehe :)
love mouse xxxxx

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

Superbes photos ! et bravo
bisous bisous de FRANCE