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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Christmas 2017

Another Christmas has come and gone.

This year's was a little "different" for us.  Shortly before Christmas our water heater (in the attic) leaked and we had to have my closet drywall replaced.  The good news is that we were able to get someone almost right away to get it done.  The bad news is that he was here off and on all the week before Christmas and was one of the things that put me off schedule getting ready for Christmas.

The other thing that affected the schedule was that I caught some 24 hour stomach bug.  Ick!

I did much less baking than I'd planned but we still had a plenty of treats.

We still managed to have a wonderful Christmas with 3 of our children (and a friend) able to make it home.  Our daughter's in-laws from Scotland are visiting them in CA but we got to watch our granddaughter open most of her gifts on Facetime.  (I love FT for allowing us to be an almost daily part of her life even though we live so far away!)  Another highlight for me this year was caroling with a group 2 afternoons at various nursing homes and assisted living facilities.  I know the residents enjoyed it but I think I enjoyed it as much if not more than they did.

DH and I decided not to spend a lot of time/money on gifts for one another but...after he talked to our daughter and found out that her family is going to Hawaii soon and she suggested we meet them there, we now have our flights booked.  Both my brother's and sister's family live on Oahu so we'll "crash" with them.  DD and DSIL will spend a couple days by themselves in Maui leaving our granddaughter with us.  We'll also enjoy visiting with my brother, sister, and their families and, hopefully, get to do some sailing on my brothers beautiful sailboat.

Not a bad Christmas gift, if you ask me!  DH and I are both laughing at the speed at which we planned this trip.  There was more planning involved in our recent trip to Pittsburgh and Ohio for Thanksgiving!

I picked up a wip of LHN's Adam and Eve to stitch the past couple of days.

Starting today, thought, I'll be working exclusively on a new model that I need to finish fairly quickly.  It's really cute and not too big so it should go pretty fast.

I also bought myself a little Christmas gift...Miss Lucy Calcutt 1825.  I'm going to join a SAL in 2018 for this beauty.

Happy New Year!  and.............

Happy stitching!


Honeybee said...

Oh Rita, it looks like you had a lovely Christmas--and all that PIE! I love pie!

Will be looking forward to following your progress on Lucy... wow!

Rita said...

Thanks for reading/commenting, Honeybee! The pie with the meringue is one that my late MIL used to make. She used to call it "Louie's Pie" because she thought it was my DH's favorite pie. He once whispered to me that, while he loves it, it's NOT his favorite but he never told his mother. lol!

If you ask me, the cream filling is what makes this pie. It's very thick and rich with lots of eggs. I use a vanilla bean to flavor it. Yum! Then over the cream I layer toasted almond "sticks", banana, slices, and golden raisins that have been soaked in rum before putting on the meringue layer. We finished the last piece last night and DH said I should make another one. ;-)

I ran into a snag with Miss Lucy. I can't get a big enough piece of the fabric (from 123 Stitch) until sometime mid to late Jan. No worries though! I believe I have at least SOMEthing to stitch in the meantime.

Anna van Schurman said...

I think you received a pretty amazing Christmas gift. (Experiences over stuff all the way!) I do love the sled ornaments too.