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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Back to "Normal" Whatever That Means

I had a more normal week (for me, anyway) after "coming down" from our Yosemite trip.  Sort of...Since we had July 4th holiday this week a couple of my regularly scheduled things moved to a different day than usual.  So between getting mixed up on what day of the week it was because of the holiday I was confused again because of the schedule change.

It doesn't take much.

My walking group decided to play hooky one morning and, instead, drove up to a You-pick farm with a farm stand.  There was no picking that day but we loaded up on fresh produce.  Of course lunch out was deemed necessary too...and we enjoyed it so much, we're planning lunch out one day next week too.  (A local restaurant that burned down has recently reopened so we "must" go check it out next week.)

Speaking of July 4th, one of our sons was here with us and we enjoyed cooking out.  He was gone for the actual evening of July 4 and DH and I opted to sit out by our lake instead of braving the crowds to watch fireworks.  It was very nice!

I've had more stitching time this week and managed to finish 3 of the PS Twelve Days of Christmas:

I'm not sure what's next but have many planned projects calling out for attention.

Happy stitching!

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