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Saturday, July 15, 2017

12 Days of Christmas...on the home stretch

I finished the stitching on Days 10 and 11 and started Day 12:

I'm behind on the Halloween ornie sal so will need to choose what I'm stitching and get going on those.

I also need to get going on DGD's stocking.

But...I feel like working on a sampler so I may sneak in a few days each week on LHN's Elizabeth Hancock and Pink Sparrow (I think by WTNT?  I'm too lazy to get up and look right now.)

What a week it's been!  In addition to my daily (weekday) walking and coffee with my walking buddies, I went out to lunch with different people/groups 3 days, went to another coffee yesterday with another group, went to a movie yesterday afternoon after a friend spontaneously asked friends to go (The Big Sick), and then went to see a local production of Mary Poppins with DH last night.

Annnnnnnnnnnnd, I finally caved and ordered an Instant Pot on Amazon Prime day.  There seems to be a "cult" surrounding the Instant Pot.  I'm already on a couple of IP groups on Facebook.  Aside from getting on the IP bandwagon, my thinking is that our summer menus might benefit from using one since I rarely want to turn on the oven...or even the stove on some days...during the summer.  I've been too busy (see above) to try it out yet but I think today might be its maiden voyage.  Wish me luck!

(Pardon the door.  DH sanded it in preparation to restain it.)

We're blessed to live on a small lake and I often think how I get busy and take it for granted.  I happened to notice a sunrise the other day and took a picture.  We've also taken occasional boat rides on our neighbors' boat and I've made a point to go sit on our deck some evenings this summer to just "slow down" and watch the wildlife.

(We built this deck over an existing bulkhead last Oct. and I need to take some time to shop for new patio furniture down there.  We're also talking about buying a fire pit and installing a deck ladder for anyone who wants to go swimming.  (The house you see under construction is now almost finished our our new neighbors will probably be moving in next week.  They had an infinity pool built there and it was filmed for the DIY show Pool Kings that will air July 17.)

Happy stitching!


Honeybee said...

I must be a complete airhead, because I had no idea you had a blog! :O( I've been browsing around and your blog is making me homesick! I'll be interested to see what you think of the Instant Pot. I don't have one, but I know people are crazy about them.

Karyn said...

It's not easy being popular, Rita, but it sounds like a nice week and the perfect Friday night with DH ;) How was the Big Sick? I have been wanting to see it. I do morning walks and coffee too, such a great way to start the day...we go early and come back before the day even begins.
Your 12 Days of Christmas is so fun, makes me want to stitch it too...the colors are great and your stitching is perfect...I can't wait see how you finish them. Great progress!
I have never heard of an instant pot, but I'm always a day late and a dollar short lol...I'll be heading over to the googles to check it out. Sounds like something no home should be without...enjoy it!
Your lake is beautiful, and such a great way to slow down and take a moment, indeed. Your pics are awesome, and I love your deck and the ideas for a fire pit and ladder...perfect!
Have a great weekend

phann son said...

What fun projects you are stitching! Dratted frogs!