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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Progress Report

It's been really hot here with temps hovering on both sides of the 100 degree F mark.  Next week our hight temp is supposed to be 104.  Add in our high humidity and you can imagine how uncomfortable it is.  I'm challenged to think of meals that don't require turning on the oven...and sometimes not even using the stove.  It's a good excuse to stay inside stitching while enjoying the air conditioning.

As hot as it is thought, the past couple of evenings haven't been bad to be outside.  Last night several neighbors (and 3 dogs) sat enjoying the breeze on our next-door neighbors' porch overlooking the lake.  It was a spontaneous gathering and we had a good time just sitting together talking.  I joked with my next-door-neighbor about all the prep work she did before her "party".

I finally started stitching LHN's Calendar Girls series now that I figured out where I'll display them.  I bought an easel and will display them on our entry table.

Here's July:

I'm working on August now.

I also stitched up a little PS Halloween ornament from the 2015 JCS Halloween special issue:

I seem to have PS on the brain after reading of their upcoming retirement.  I bought almost all the new releases and made a list of others that I'd like to get before they're gone.  I'll sure miss their designs!  Thankfully I have a lot in my stash to keep me busy for a long time.  I stitched this little PS Santa for a Christmas Ornie SAL blog:

I'm also model stitching again and enjoying seeing the design come to life.

Happy stitching!

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