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Friday, August 14, 2015

Hot in August in Texas! Go figure!

After temps here hovering just above and just below 100F degrees, we're looking for it to cool off in a few days to the low 90's.  You know it's been hot when you can use the words "cool off" and the "low 90's" in the same sentence.  Despite the heat, I've been faithfully going on my morning "fitness walks".  DH is taking the day off and he went with me today for 3 1/2miles.  One of the simple pleasures of life is taking a shower after walking in the heat and humidity.

I've been challenging myself in meal planning to avoid turning on the oven and even the stove so as not to add more heat to the house.  I bought a nice toaster oven that we use when we just can't avoid baking/roasting something and it really helps.  I put off buying one for a long time, wondering if I'd use it enough, but I use it a lot!  For so many things, it's better than heating up the whole oven...and kitchen.

DH likes to bake (in the toaster oven) too and last week he tried a new recipe for Iron-skillet Peach Crisp.  Instead of the oatmeal in usual crisps, it used toasted pecans.  (DH used some of the stash in the freezer of some of the pecans he gathered last fall.)  He also threw in some blueberries.  We both agreed that this recipe is a "keeper".  We loved the taste and texture of the pecans.

Here's the recipe if you'd like to try it:

Iron-Skillet Peach Crisp

I tried making a tortellini salad for dinner last night.  It's more of a construction of ingredients rather than cooking.  (All I did was to cook the tortellini.)  We both enjoyed it, but decided it's more appropriate for lunch or a side rather than a main course for dinner.

I think I found the "recipe" on Pinterest.  Basically it's a layer of cut-up Romaine lettuce, some bacon bits, grape tomatoes (cut in half) and the tortellini.  Serve with ranch dressing.

On the stitching front...I'm working on a model but also started "Live Laugh Love" Sampler by Primitive Betty.

I don't think I shared the last of "my" CCN models that was released...Seasonal Celebrations-Autumn.  So here it is:

You can find more info about it here:  Country Cottage Needleworks 

Happy stitching!


Annie said...

Hi, Rita!
My son just left for Basic Training for the Air Force in Lackland last week. I'm missing him terribly, and every day I check the weather where he is. We're from the Cleveland, Ohio area, and our summers are hot and humid, but nothing like what you get there!

Just wanted to pop in and say hi:) Hang in there, and I hope things cool down for you soon!

Rita said...

Thanks, Annie! I'm from SE Ohio and lived in central OH. I tell my friends from "up North" that we just live opposite from them....we "hibernate" in the summer and go outside more in the winter. I love being able to drive anywhere here in the winter without worrying about snow.

May God bless your son for choosing to serve our country. San Antonio can get pretty hot but they're not as humid as we are down here on the Gulf Coast. It's a fun city to visit. I hope you'll get to visit him while he's there.