I only stitch on days that end in "y".

Monday, July 20, 2015

R is for Rabbit

I picked up another wip to finish....Prairie Schooler's R is for Rabbit from their leaflet #111.  I think it will be nice to display during the Easter season.

Speaking of Prairie Schooler, I was sad to learn that there will be no more new ones after the current release.  It will certainly be the end of an era.

I also chose and stitched a piece for the July theme (haunted house) for the Halloween ornie blog.  It's a freebie found on the esubrosa blog.  I took the liberty or omitting the lettering on the top of the original design.

On the food front, I noticed strawberries on sale while grocery shopping over the weekend.  So what's a person to do?!  My first strawberry pie (at least this style of strawberry pie)...and all who tasted it said it was delicious.  (I use my DH and neighbors as guinea pigs.  lol!)  I made a little whipped cream to go on top.

Happy stitching!


Annie said...

I love your bunny! Such a shame that PS is retiring when she/they do such pretty designs.

I looked at that Sub-rosa design with new eyes after seeing your finish and color choices. You really did it justice!

Rita said...

Thanks, Annie. I used DMC 844 and one of their color variations I had on hand.

stitchersanon said... the colours you used in the stitching x

Carol said...

Oh, I do love your bunny, Rita! I stitched him, too, but never framed him...

Great looking dessert--especially with your added whipped cream :)