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Friday, February 6, 2015

Model finished and other stitching

Can I hear a WOO HOO!!!!!?  I finished and mailed out the model and it has been received by the designer.  I'll let you know when it's been released.  That's always exciting fo me.

I also stitched my heart on a RR and will be sending it to the next stitcher today when I go out.

I stitched my skeleton (a PS design) for the Halloween Ornament themed sal.

I even worked a bit on my Hetty Child (The Sampler Company) sampler but not enough to take a picture yet.

Annnnndddd.......I officially started Bent Creek's "Flowers in the Springtime" for our daughter's upcoming wedding.  I gave her a selection of wedding pieces from which to choose and this is her choice.  It fits them...they love hiking and camping and are pretty low key (liking simple things).  I love what it says.  I'm enjoying stitching it and it's moving along pretty quickly.

It's sad to watch some trees being taken out of "my" walking track at the community college.  They've extended the construction fence line so there's a lot of the track that's closed now.  I suspect that eventually that whole field will be "developed".  I took some pics this am but haven't uploaded to my computer yet.

We enjoy trying new recipes and most of the time they're pretty good ones.  This week, however, we tried some Kale, Potato, Leek soup with bacon.  It was just ok and not very filling.  DH and I decided that it would be best used as an appetizer rather than a main course. Although it wasn't hard, it sure dirtied a lot of dishes.  For the result, I decided it wasn't worth it.  The new recipes can't all be winners, I guess. 

Happy stitching!

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Parsley said...

Cute stitching! Always nice to see these types of fun projects.