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Friday, July 19, 2013

Stitching and a Wedding

I finished my version of CCN's Surfside Cottage.  I say my version bc I decided to leave off the bottom row of flowers so it will fit into a square frame.  I knew the minute I saw this design released that I was fated to stitch it.  The beach near here is named Surfside Beach.  I found a piece of solo Silkweaver's fabric for this one and I really enjoyed stitching it.  The only way I could have enjoyed stitching it more would have been renting a beach cottage and stitching it there.

It turns out that my good buddy, Renee, was stitching hers at the same accidental stitchalong.  What fun!

Now if only I can find the perfect frame that doesn't break the bank.

DS's best friend's wedding was last Saturday;  DS was best man.  What a joyful and beautiful wedding!  I only have one complaint:  it make me feel so old seeing "kids" this age get married and also DS's and the groom's mutual friends, many of whom I had in band and also as house guests, becoming adults.  How could this have happened so fast?!  Seriously, it was nice to catch up with them and really nice hearing about their successes.

DS is sometimes a goofball but he took his best man duties very seriously.  He was practically joined at the hip with the groom for the days leading up to the wedding, was the designated (sober) driver during celebrations, etc.

He even caught the garter----twice!  He threw it back the first time.  I asked him the next day if he knew what it meant and he said that's why he threw it back the first time.  lol!

A few pictures:

Happy stitching!


Scattered Threads said...

Love your rendition of Surfside Cottage. It will be beautiful in a frame.
Lovely pics of the wedding too and the fantail bride's dress.
TFS and thanks for stopping by.
Jackie :))

Rita E in AZ said...

What a pretty finish and such beautiful wedding photos.

cucki said...

Beautiful wedding..
Sweet stitches,
Love x

Vicky L said...

Congratulations on a beautiful finish. I love the colors. Nice wedding pictures.

Melinda said...

Love the Cowboy Boots....Looks as if it was a beautiful day.

Catching it twice? Must be he was meant to be next!!!