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Friday, April 12, 2013

HS Graduation Quickly Approaching

Our "baby" graduates from HS this spring.  I knew this year would go by quickly but things seem to have gone into hyper speed.  Some "last times" this week...his last band concert, last drum line gig, last prom tomorrow night. He turned 18 last Friday and his graduation announcements have arrived.

The picture above is from a photo shoot for his senior piano recital coming up next month.

Most of the drum line seniors at last Sat's gig.  They're missing one who was at a jazz band competition. These kids have been drumming together since 6th grade and are like brothers and sisters to one another.

He's SO excited to be moving on to college next fall and we're excited for him, but all you parents know this time is bittersweet.  Our oldest child is in her early 30's so we've had children in the house for a long time.  Empty nest will be an adjustment to say the least...but a natural and desired outcome.  While I'll miss having kids at home, I have some things to look forward to doing too.

On the stitching front, I finished a model and started another so no pictures.  I have another model coming after the one I'm working on now.  I have so much fun model stitching--it's fun to be "in on" a secret and so fun to see the models I've stitched being released by the designers.

Happy stitching!



cucki said...

Wow congratulations ..
Big hugs x

Shari said...

been there Rita.....
you will have good days & sad days! But, as you is normal & natural....that is how God intended it!!!
Praying for all of you at this time!

Joyce Clark Frank said...

Cong. Rita. A very good looking young man. Know he is looking forward to College even though it will be a little hard for you.
My grandson is also graduating from Foster HIGH SCHOOL this year.