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Monday, April 1, 2013

A Right Spirit----Finished!

I loved stitching this one!  I changed it slightly, thanks to my friend Sherre and her DD.  The cabin was changed to a house and I stitched the name of the verse on the bottom.  I hope this one doesn't spend too much time "ripening" before I frame it.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter.  Ours was a little nontraditional.  We spent the weekend visiting our DS at UT Austin.  We took his 2 roomies and a friend of our other DS's out to dinner Sat. night...with me checking the score of the OSU basketball game every few minutes.  Let's not talk about the outcome of that game.  :-(

Yesterday we went out for subs for lunch before heading back home.  The boys weren't too thrilled having their picture taken.  ("We're eating, Mom!")

From the "simple pleasures" department....We use lemons quite a bit in cooking (and DH's lemon mint sorbet).  I think I mentioned before that we planted a Meyer lemon tree this year.  We were introduced to this lemon juicer while visiting our DD a couple of years ago:

I have a fancy juicing machine but this is great to use when you just have 1-2 lemons to squeeze.  DD sent DH  a lime squeezer like it recently.  (He likes to drink soda water with a little lime juice.)  Since I've been making Cranberry Orange Scones lately, I've been looking unsuccessfully for the orange squeezer version.  I finally found it at Central Market in Austin so we now have a full set.  WOO HOO!  I'll have to bake some more scones this week to try it out.

  The trip home took >2 hours longer than usual because of several accidents along the way.  A couple looked pretty serious.

We enjoyed seeing the bluebonnets along the highway though.  Pictures just don't do them justice!

I've found myself lately checking ebay often for samplers...and have bought a few.  This one was "getting up there" on ebay so I checked to see if it was available at a more reasonable price at an ONS.  As luck would have it, it was on sale at 123 Stitch.  I believe I was meant to obtain it.  Isn't it a beauty?!  Ginger's in Austin has been closed for a while but there's a needlepoint store in Austin that sells some of the same fibers we stitchers use so I stopped by and bought the GAST needed for this one.  She'll have to wait a bit....I'm model stitching for a while.

Prom is coming up so we ordered DS's tux last week and one of my Monday errands is to order flowers today.  This will be DS's last school formal dance which makes me a little sad.  Graduation is right around the corner!  Life will certainly be different after DS graduates!  We've had children in school since the mid 1980's.

I hope everyone has a great week.

Happy stitching!


cucki said...

Sweet stitching..
Hugs for you x

Carol said...

Such a pretty finish, Rita! Love the bluebells photo, too--I hope I get to see some in person one of these years...

sharine said...

Great finish:)

Barb said...

I love your new finish!I have never seen the bluebells but have enjoyed your picture.

Babs in Alabama said...

love your Right Spirit finish, Rita. One of my favorite and love those bluebonnets. I see them every where here and didn't know what they were.

Gillie said...

So envious of the Meyer lemon tree and actually seeing bluebonnets for real!

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

J'aime beaucoup votre broderie,
I love your beautiful stitching, sory for my bad english

marylin from FRANCE