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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Stitching this week

Still coming down from our TMEA week last week...what great memories!

It feels like the week after Christmas or other big events that you've anticipated for a long time...takes a while to get back to "normal".  :-)

Here's some stitching I did this week:

I'd finished (all but the bird legs) of the BOAF Feed the Birds for the block exchange and liked it so much that I stitched another for me to keep while I had the floss "pulled" for it.

An older wip that became a UFO caught my eye so I picked it up and worked a bit on it too this week.  It's a summer mystery sal from By the Bay (and still available on her blog).  This one will fit in a standard 5x7 frame.  I'm thinking a "whitewash" frame would be nice for this one.

The next theme for the block exchange is patriotic so I chose and started LHN's With Liberty and Justice for All

I'm still itching to start a sampler but haven't put one on the scroll rods yet.  Still deciding which one to start.  The leading contenders are Three Things and La D Da's Right Spirit.

Speaking of La D Da, I saw her Mary Cottam (sp?) model when I was at Stitches from the Heart in San Antonio last week.  I didn't find the charts but asked on a stitching mb when I got back if anyone had used charts for it they'd sell to me.  Found someone so it will be on the way sometime next week.  :-)

I had a fun day yesterday.  Started out with the morning walk with a band mom friend of mine.  I picked her up later for a band mom (past and present) lunch and while there another band mom asked if we'd been to the quilt show yet.  (I didn't even know there WAS a quilt show!)  So after lunch we visited the quilt show.  Lots of eye candy!!  Later we did a couple of errands together and even had fun doing errands.  (Is it sad that it doesn't take much to entertain me?  lol!)

Proud mom alert!  Yesterday we received an email from our DD, the chemist.  The company where she works just got FDA approval for a new cancer drug they've developed.  She's now working with the group there that's working with this drug.  How exciting!

Everyone have a great week!

Happy stitching!



wilma boer said...

Great stitching, Rita!

cucki said...

super cute stitching xx

Rita said...

Thank you! It was a nice stitching week.