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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Still Walking on Air

We're back from San Antonio where DS's band (TMEA 2013 5A Honor Band) performed their concert for music teachers from all over the state.  They performed in a beautiful (huge) auditorium to a packed house.  It was magical!!  They did a great job and were rewarded with the loudest applause I've ever heard.

There was a small reception afterwards with lots of hugs, high fives, etc.  I think even a sense of relief after all the hard work they'd all put in for so many months to prepare.

We're so proud of all of them and so blessed to have such a wonderful band program in our little community.

They got to stay at the Emily Morgan Hotel right next to the Alamo:

Our hotel was just across the street;  in fact I took this picture from the window in our room.

This was definitely a big step up on lodging for band trips.  The kids and directors definitely deserved it for this trip!

Some of the parents helped design the  beautiful programs for this event.  We thought we'd have some leftover to bring back home but they were ALL gone.  lol!  I snagged a few to keep for the memory book.

The band onstage just before the concert began:

At the reception:


We had some free time so we snuck up to Stitches from the Heart.  I bought a few things, mostly threads.

Last night I finished the last bird on BOAF's Feed the Birds.  This is for a block exchange but I like it enough to want to stitch it again to keep one for myself:

We were gone for Valentine's Day so decided to celebrate tonight.  We're eating here and having grilled steak, baked potatoes, a salad, and DH's wonderful chocolate cake (flavored with orange and raspberries). This is so rich and yummy!!

So, this coming week life goes back to normal...or as normal as it can during T's senior year of HS.  Hopefully I can get some quality stitching time this week.

Happy stitching!



wilma boer said...

Beautiful pictures!

I'm coming over for supper, lol

sharine said...

Looks like a great time was had!
Yummy cake:)

Siobhán said...

It sounds like a great time! Congratulations on the finish!