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Friday, February 1, 2013

Busy Week!

I knew things would get a little busy this week but it got busier than I thought b/c of something unexpected.

First of all, our food adventures:

DH decided to make some home made pasta (starting with the flour, eggs, etc.) and meat balls.  He also made homemade flatbread in which he added fried, Italian sausage crumbles.  Yum!

Whole chickens were on sale this week so I bought one.  Would you believe I'd never roasted a whole chicken before?  When you know that I don't care a lot for chicken (except for the breasts, it makes more sense).  I looked up a recipe from Ina Garten and modified it a little and here's the result:

Everyone here agreed I should do this again.  Tasty!

Luckily we had plenty of leftovers b/c yesterday was the day I drove DH up to Houston for a very minor surgery on his hand.  The surgery itself did't take too long but there was a lot of waiting before the doc arrived after seeing his am patients.  He's a great surgeon (he was the one who took care of our DS's fractured scaphoid bone) and we were very happy to have him do the surgery so, no complaints.  It was just a long day.

Now stitching!  I seem to be "suffering" from startitis.  I worked a bit more on my LK "Fat Guys and Belles" that I'm doing for a sal:

I got a decent start on LK's Good Marriage:

.....and a teeny weeny start on an old BOAF called Feed the Birds:

I still haven't started a sampler but, Nikki, et. al, I'm leaning towards Three Things.  What's stopping me is I'm too lazy to load the scroll frames.  Maybe this coming week!

Now for the unexpected:
The band's annual chili supper, silent auction is coming up tomorrow.  Usually we host a solo-ensemble contest as well this day but this year, b/c of Honor Band coming up in a couple of weeks, the intermediate school is taking it over.  For years, I've worked the concession stand and last year headed up the Judge's Hospitality room (where we feed the judges breakfast, lunch, and snacks and keep the coffee flowing).  If we were doing that this year, we would have had a meeting about 3 weeks ago to plan it out and divvy out the prep tasks.  I got an SOS email from one of the intermediate school directors who said one of their main moms "bailed" on them and the remaining mom was in a panic about getting it all done by herself and could I and another experienced mom help them out.  Well!  Lazy me was counting on getting out of it this year.  lol!  What I was afraid of was that "helping" would mean "taking over the whole thing again and I was none too happy.  However, we had a planning meeting Tuesday night (during NCIS,  poor me!) and I was happily surprised to find an extra intermediate school mom and the director there and everyone enthusiastically pulling their own weight.  I ordered BBQ and fixins' for lunch and will bake 2 egg casseroles and will help them set up early (whine) tomorrow am, leave a while, then help them during lunch.  I'm also committed (or SHOULD be committed, in that other definition) to bake some cookies for the chili supper and will be making large quantities of cornbread tomorrow afternoon.  It's always a VERY busy day but a fun evening.  The final event will be a band concert.  Hopefully I can stay awake to enjoy it.

Wow!  Didn't mean to write a book.

Everyone have a great week!

Happy stitching!



cucki said...

Aww enjoy your weekend..super sweet stitching xx

Margaret said...

Beautiful stitching! The food looks delicious too. Good luck with the band event.

Denise said...

Well, we know where to find you this weekend! And it isn't in your stitchy chair with needle and floss. So much for your 'retirement.'

Your stitching looks fab! Loving your blue fabric choice for the snowmen.

wilma boer said...

Stitching looks does the food! Have a fun weekend!

Melinda said...

Your SAL looks great, and I think you are making great progress with having to do one section twice

Chicken looks great...

Nikki said...

Rita, I so enjoy your FOOD posts !! Your week's supper table looked fantastic! Love your stitching, and I see now that you are mixing the Fat Guy & Belles. I started the 6 Fat Guys and was confused for a minute because mine didn't look like yours; until I realized what you did. Yes, yes Three Things is such a beauty. I promise to try to update my blog with my progress on it so you can see this week.